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5.0 out of 5

BMW 535i Sport. Impressive.

2011-02-06 16:39:22

I purchased my 2008 Space Gray 535i Sport with 25,000 miles in October. Althought he dealer experience was filled with consistent deception, actually outright lying, I do enjoy the car quite a bit. I just wish I could avoid all dealerships when trying to purchase a certified vehicle. I always feel slimey when I leave, and have to go home and shower. I have had 3 BMW's in the past, one an M3 and since have had 5 Lexus. As much as I have enjoyed the Lexi, especially the reliability, I have missed the pure driving pleasure of a German sedan. This car runs, and runs well. I dumped the run flats and bought high end Michelins, and it handles, rides and performs beautifully. The interior works...not as luxurious as the Lexi, ******** functional and just fine. It is a sedan that can run for hours at a time while providing one comfort...I always had trouble fitting in the Lexus seats. They all measured about 17" on the bottom seat cushion and when you are a tall man, one has no support under thighs or knees and on a long trip, that adds to great discomfort. One exceptionn is the LS sedan, that has an extendable botton seat cushion. My last Lexus, the IS 350 was a great vehicle, but the comfort of the seating just did it in. The 20-ish way power seats on this Sport packaged BMW are superb. I actually enjoy driving it evey chance I get, but the I-Drive navigation system needs major work. Although, in principle, the nav. button and dial is clever, the company did not execute the idea well at all. It takes between 7-9 steps to find and save most things, and is anything but intuitive and user friendly. I have had to stop by the dealership for some help at times, and they have been equally as confused/troubled by this system...But the way it handles and moves makes up for the navigation system...Reliability? So far, Ok, but I negotiated free complete maint. for 100k miles during the purchase..I'd buy another BMW but not without the service contract. Overall, very, very enjoyable.

2008 BMW 535


2010-10-17 20:34:14

Being an American manufacturer ,I owne d13 New Cadillacs. Finally I wa stired of the main bearing oil leaks and the service problems and sreppe dinto a starit six BMW 535XI. Didin't think I would like it, but was I mistaken. I have just ordered a 2011 535xi and believ the engineeriing on these automobiles is beyond any other automobile. The stability, ride, power and gas mileage are all fantastic. Now I see why they cost what they do and the people whop deveopped thiss automoile deserve alot of credit. ANd the American manufacturers better learn what ISo 9002 and GS 5000 means>

2008 BMW 535

Fun but unreliable

2010-07-11 20:17:27

I bought the 535i new in 2008 and have amassed 83000 miles in two years - I drive a lot. The first 20,000 miles was pure joy. Then the problems in the fuel system started. The car is now a regular in the shop. When the car is running well, it is fabulous. The problem - I can't go 6 months without some warning light coming on. It gets terrific fuel economy, it is very fast, a pure joy to drive but it breaks down - a lot. It has stranded me as well - at 55,000 miles I had to use BMW assit to call for a tow. I was laying down a smoke screen a WWII destroyer would have been proud of and then - it died. Would I own another BMW? Perhaps, but I would never keep it past the warranty expiration. BMW has been good in taking care of the problems, but when you spend this much for a car you don't expect to think of it as a reliability lemon. When you buy "German Engineering" you really don't want to think of it as a lemon - oh well......

2008 BMW 535

535i sports and premium options

2010-01-02 16:48:13

Great power and handling! I have owned many high performance cars but man this one is tight! I also own 2 mercedes, 1# Amg which is just raw and not as solid as the Bimmer! #2 C class which is just ho hum! Saab SPG turbo and numerous American vehicles and a Bmw e30. The Fuel economy on the 5series is not the best but a heck of fun to drive. I hate that there is no coolant temp gauge or oil dipstick very odd. Key replacement very expensive with the comfort access package. Seating is awsome along with interior features which are not over done like the mercedes. For durability we will have to wait and see. Ps lots of looks when I drive this black beut! Black interior hard to keep clean.

2008 BMW 535

Luxury and performance

2009-04-22 19:58:55

My second 5 series BMW and a big performance improvement over my 2001 530i. After two extremely satisfying experiences with BMW I won't buy anything else. The 535 is just a total pleasure to drive, highway or city. Comfort and quiet surrounds! My only wish is that the turbo charge didn't involve the slight hesitation in acceleration I've experienced.

2008 BMW 535

The need for speed nLA

2008-10-13 23:15:15

BMW is the true luxury sports car. I had a Mercedes 300, Dodge Charger V-8Hemi and both lacked what the 535 has. Luxury,handling,agility,comfort,dependibility and most of all, my complete satisfaction. Dont settle for less, spend the money, you will not regret it. Happy n LA.

2008 BMW 535

Finest Automobile I've ever owned

2008-10-09 01:55:22

After slogging through most of my adult life with Chevy trucks and Soccer Mom mobiles, the Missus and I finally treated ourselves. Being a gearhead, and boat racer, I am used to performance, but what we got with the 535i was totally unexpected. Its simply puts the pleasure back in driving. The car handles rock solid, and because it drives so well its confidence inspiring and instills a feeling of supreme safety. I lay in bed at night thinking about the next opportunity to take her for a spin....its that good

2008 BMW 535

Fabulous Car

2008-09-07 10:15:02

This is my 3rd 5 series and it is the best. The twin turbos really add punch. The ride is fabulous and the handeling is superior. People that comment about the iDrive should get over it already! It is not difficult to use unless your a spaz. The gas milage is a little less than my previous 530 due to the turbos, but I still can get 27 on the highway (not in traffic). Great car!

2008 BMW 535

Conservative Stealth

2008-07-18 06:17:23

True excellance. What's wrong with Forbes review?

2008 BMW 535

Amazing ride!

2007-11-04 10:57:57

I can't wait to trade in my 325i for the 535i. I test drove the car and fell in love with it! Amazing car from inside out!!!

2008 BMW 535

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