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4.5 out of 5

No Regrets

2009-05-07 23:51:18

I driven both the 328xi and 335xi. While the 328xi would be just fine for most people, the 335xi is a blast. The 328 is smoother off the line because it doesn't have the twin turbos kicking in. But that's what the 335 is all about... unlimited power. Fast, tight,fun. The runflats are a little rough riding, but handle like it's on rails. Makes my SL500 Mercedes seem like a boat. Would prefer an oil dipstick instead of the electronic reading.

2008 BMW 335

Simply the Best

2008-11-14 16:44:31

This car will put a smile on your face. I tend to drive more on country back roads where the power and handling make it just plain fun to drive. Whether cruising on a sunny day with the top down or sticking to the wet pavement in the Oregon rain, I have only positive experiences with this car.

2008 BMW 335

Bob the A4 owner doesn't know cars...

2008-08-27 07:34:28

Well Bob, if you're ready to drop $40-50k on the BMW don't complain about the A4 being slow as it costs $12-20k less. I don't think you'll find the BMW interior to be competative with the A4's either.

2008 BMW 335

Tight as could be

2008-07-13 20:35:14

I own an Audi A4 and I deeply regret buying the car. it is SLOW ... the continuously variable transmission is just a time killer. The car is great for driving to church on Sunday and that is not what I wanted. I test drove a 335I and it is incredibly tight and FAST .... I'll be trading in my 07 Audi A4 for a 335I in just a few weeks and I can't wait to have those 300 horses under my foot ... sweet. by the way ... I will not get the Sport package because I want my tires to last .. I drive about 25K a year and need regular tires ... skip the sport package .. and you;ll be fien .. Bob

2008 BMW 335

Review of 2008 BMW 335

2008-07-07 14:26:56

This is the ultimate driving machine....that is the proper quote. It's a solid fast car and I wouldn't trade it for nothing else on the market. I love this car it has everything you would need or want in a car. Also, I constantly get compliments ********** beauty.

2008 BMW 335


2008-07-05 11:22:42

love the car but i have the sport run flat wheels which are crazy expensive to replace i have only 14,000 on my 2007 335i and i have had to repalce 4 of them already

2008 BMW 335

Audi A4 is Better

2008-07-05 01:52:56

BMW is yesterday's news. The Audi A4 Sedan is better from my experience. It handles and maneuvers better, has a faster acceleration, and better gas mileage.

2008 BMW 335

08 BMW 335i Coupe

2008-07-02 07:36:07

What an awesome machine. Lots of power and, for the kind of power it offers, is reasonably economic. On a long trip from Virginia to Florida, I got 27 mpg. Love the little car--once you are used to getting in and out.

2008 BMW 335

d best

2008-06-09 11:47:19

what a driving, braking, steering, power.

2008 BMW 335

Love it

2008-02-27 10:58:28

Just got one in Husker/49er Red and I am enjoying my mid life crisis! Why did I wait so long. What a great car.

2008 BMW 335

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