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4.5 out of 5

Great Fun Car

2010-05-08 01:09:04

I have had this car for a little over a year and I love it. It feels rocket ship fast- as one passenger stated, "like the downhill portion of a roller coaster." Handling is great, and the ride is acceptable. My son refers to the brakes as "ridiculous." Gas mileage is also very good with about 20 mpg around town and 25-30 mpg on the highway depending on speed. The faster it goes, the more composed it feels. Two weeks ago I went on a series of meetings out of state and put over 400 miles on the car. I still felt comfortable at the end of the day. I like this car better now than the day I bought it. Apparently, at the time of purchase, they were moving slowly on the dealer's lot and I was given a steep discount. Not only did it allow me to get a new BMW, but I was also able to buy instead of lease. In terms of complaints, the run flats can sometimes feel harsh over pavement irregularities. I will replace them with regular tires when they wear out. The back seat isn't bad and my son, who is 6'3" has sat back there for short trips, although with compromised head room. However, the access is difficult. Nevertheless, I would not really expect much better from a coupe. At first, I felt the sport seats confining, but after a month or so, I had really grown to enjoy the feel. The bottom line is I enjoy driving it every time I get in.

2008 BMW 135


2008-12-12 22:14:21

I have my 135i convertible almost 3 months. Drove Nissan 350Z before. The bmw is more powerful, prettier, and handles better. I drove a Vette in past, more powerful but less practical. I don't see any detriment of this smaller frame at all. It is a blast on the highway. I am at this time a happy owner.

2008 BMW 135


2008-11-02 08:08:19

Where's the 4 cyl. ? I have a M3 for performance, and I am loyal to BMW for 16 years, but this model could have been a asset if it had a 4 cyl. and a much lower price.

2008 BMW 135

BMW is a "masstige" brand I like a lot

2008-09-06 01:35:07

At 6'2" I find the BMW may be the only sporty car that is designed for tall men. It is the only one that fits just right. Why Porsche can't add 2-3 inches in a Cayman or Boxster has always baffled me. It's like every buyer is 5'7". What's the deal? Listen to your local MBA Marketing guy with several lifestyle product launches under his belt and a love of demos and psychos and case studies. BMW has been a masstige or near luxury brand since it's inception. If it's not built by hand it's manufactured. If it's manufactured it may be luxurious ******** not a luxury product. I can be reached by BMW or AIM for consulting jobs at mtnriverpine@aim.com.

2008 BMW 135

dont hate cause you got a 3 series

2008-08-15 08:22:08

i hate people that are trying to put this car down when they know they should have gotten it over there really long 3 series don't get me wrong the 3 series is nice but the 1 series is a lot more sporty

2008 BMW 135

Review of 2008 BMW 135

2008-07-25 20:33:00

to rough to the road

2008 BMW 135

Review of 2008 BMW 135

2008-07-23 19:13:36

fantastic car fast smooth great handling very well made

2008 BMW 135

Great Little Runaround car

2008-07-19 08:52:06

Having owned several BMW, Audi, And Benz cars, BMW always seems the best experience for me. It's funny how the people slamming this have never driven or owned one. Fast, great handling little car that makes the driving esperience exceptional.

2008 BMW 135

I love my bullet

2008-07-17 20:22:14

I'm in love with this car! I traded from a 330xi for the $43,000.00 135i due to the "get-up-and-go" 0-60 in 5 seconds. It does just that!! Is $43,000.00 cheap? I don't think so. Since 1991, I've owned 2 Z4's (still have 1) - 323, 325 coupe, 325i - 328 coupe - 328i, 318ti(my first BMW) - 330i - 330xi.. 10 BMW's in all, and I love my new 135i Coupe more than any of the cars mentioned above. The service techs coined the phrase "the bullet" for my vehicle. Don't let the number 1 deceive you. I think BMW could have done a better job numbering the vehicle, because people think cheap. It is not a cheap version of the 335. It's smaller and sportier. You get more preformance for your money. I do not consider it a step down. It's a true "sports car". A loaded 135 Coupe sticker, which I purchased, is actually equal to a well equipped 335i for 10k more. You get less weight, but more car, more trunk space in the coupe, more body hugging seats, more comfort, more stereo... just more and better. It is pure luxury, more comfortable than all of the above cars mentioned. More responsive than all of the above. It is easier to see all around the vehicle when driving, where the Z4 has so many blind spots. The 330xi does too, plus the 08' 328 and 335 both have less get up and go - aside from the M's. It's even faster than the Z4 - I know because my husband,a devoted z4 person, drove it and is in awe. 300 hp is fast. It hugs the road, the headlights turn when you turn. It is so responsive, plus the car adjusts to your driving style. The gas mileage is averaging around 16 mpg city stop and go. The jury is still out on this vehicle, but I'm voting a huge 10 for my pure luxury bullet. If you want the best service and best deal ever, ask for Don at Perillo BMW in Chicago. Hungergirl

2008 BMW 135

135i Sport fully loaded/No Nav.

2008-07-12 15:26:52

The 135i is a rocket to say the least. F*@K Gas prices and MPG... I'm getting 24mpg highway at 80mph! Try that in a Japan built car or even an American one. I can get about 30-33 if I slow down....but why?! You get what you paid for a fast stylish BMW.

2008 BMW 135

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