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4.5 out of 5


2016-01-10 19:06:31

I bought a 2008 TT 7 months ago with 23000 miles and have enjoyed the car-it is comfortable, rides well, handles great--by todays standards it does not have all the bells and whistles --but is a great ,roomy, and attractive car--no regrets

2008 Audi TT

Great Car...Great Fun

2008-09-28 10:27:25

We purchased the S-Line Coupe…RED. Wow…what a car. Not only driving but being watched by other. We have had a number of sports cars and must say the Audi TT has received the most comments from people on the street and people on the road. Lot’s of little challenges from the Euro-zipper’s. ha ha. We took the TT on a long road trip and it was a delight…seating allowed for position changes making some longer pulls comfortable…cruse control is advised. The TT looks fast…and wants to GO Fast. You will be well north of the speed limit and you will not even notice until the police officer is saying “nice car” as he hands you a very expensive dinner ticket. The 19” wheel and tire option on the S-Line are very responsive and stick like glue. BUT…we had to purchase another set of wheels and F1 Goodyear All Season. Absolutely do not drive the S-Line “summer/performance tires in any winter conditions…you will not get out of your driveway. Performance as noted is spectacular and so much fun. The fuel gauge on the 2.0 Turbo front wheel drive is stunning. The best on our trip was 34.5…but we are always north of 30…and high 20’s if you have your foot in the TT most of the time. So much fun…only downside (not much) it eats up the Premium Fuel. Would like to see some stainless steel factory provided exhaust tips. Audi you miss this finishing touch. We ordered custom polished aluminum tips and mounted them “off set” They really finish the car…lot’s of comments and looks. Real cool. Lots of nooks and cranny in the S-Line front end. You have to pay some attention to cleaning out the bugs..lots of little spaces to mess things up for us that are a little a____nal. Also had detailer/painter paint the brake rotors red…WOW…it makes the car POP. Again…Audi lets finish this car the way it deserves to be finished. We put the 3M film protection on the front end…well worth the investment. We also ordered S-Line sill guards from the A-5 and mounted them on the top sill of the TT. Really nice finish again…stock is just a black sill…with the S-line logo on the lower rail that protects nothing. As you can tell we love the TT…go for it…it will not disappoint…and you can have fun doing your own finished of the fine German Auto.

2008 Audi TT

TOP Keeps getting Stuck

2008-07-01 10:55:29

Audi TT's are such great cars.I am leasing my second one.Unfortunately the top keeps getting stuck when I try to put it back up,I have lost all confidence in using the top because when it gets stuck I can't see to drive it .It has been repaired SEVERAL times Now I only can put the top down when I am near an AUDI dealer.Some summer dream car.I am tired of this problem The car has only 5000 miles on it.Anybody want to trade?????

2008 Audi TT

Fun to Drive, Garners Looks

2007-10-16 01:31:00

This car is very fun to drive and handles like a real sports car should. It's a great car for the open road at high speed, yet is highly effective in the worst traffic due to the TT's nimble handling and ability to navigate around other traffic. The interior is appointed in Audi's signature refined styling-- yet the addition of the flat-bottom steering wheel, shift paddle controls adjacent to the steering wheel, and sport seating lets me know the cockpit was designed for serious driving. Mine came with a great sound package and iPod interface. The exterior is sleek and polished. Mine came with 19-inch wheels and Pirelli tires. The rear-spoiler automatically deploys at around 70-75MPH. Again, everything about this car says "fun to drive". The biggest drawback? The cupholders are slightly smaller than "standard" size. Overall, this is a great two-seat car (back seat can be used for storage or an infant car seat) that gets good gas mileage and lots of admiring looks. If you are in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro area, visit Carousel Audi and speak with David Falkman. I've bought two cars from him and have never been disappointed.

2008 Audi TT

2008 audi tt

2007-07-28 01:45:21

I bought this sports car on impluse but it has not disappointed me. It has wonderful handling capabilities and enough power to satisfy most drivers. The interior is Audi quality throughout. If there is a negative, there is only room for two. The back seat is a joke but it does fold down to accomodate golf clubs and the like.

2008 Audi TT

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