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4.5 out of 5

Expensive trailer hitch

2009-04-28 13:32:41

Great vehicle. However, make sure you have the hitch factory installed, because if you take it to the dealer afterwards, they will charge you close to $2000 for the job. U-haul does not install it, so don't even think about it.

2008 Audi Q7

How do you say Lemon in German?

2009-03-31 10:50:03

We have had nothing but problems since the day we took delivery of our Q7. 19000 miles drivers seat was replace under warrenty due to unusual wear. 22000 miles, brakes and roters replaced. $1500 not covered. Dealers says "Its a truck, breaks will wear out quicker" We traded in a Suburban with 150,000 that only had 1 break job. 24000 miles, mystery oil pressure problems. Dealer took 10 days to fix under warrenty. 29000 miles, tires completely shot. Replaced all 4 $900. 29000 miles new radio control module $900. Yes something spilled on it, but who designs radio controls under the cup holders in a family car. I sure wish I had bought a Chevy or Ford instead of this vehicle.

2008 Audi Q7

LOVE AUDI....and my Q7

2009-03-27 01:21:56

I've had an A4, A6 and now my Q7... I have loved and do love my Audi automobiles. All of my Audi cars handle fantastic, are quick, and most of all are safe. I am looking forward to my new Q7. BUT.... if I needed a full luxury auto I would love the A8.

2008 Audi Q7

Tahoe To Range Rover - Audi The Best Yet

2009-03-23 13:45:27

I'm an engineer and demand performance and quality and the Q7 delivers. Tremendous ride, agility, quite, ease of entry. Excellent options and stereo. Quality of fit and finish superb! Material selections of the interior superior to Range Rover. Seating position and comfort is excellent. Love the huge sun roof. I've had BMW's, Infiniti's, Tahoe's and Range Rover's and this just may be the best of the best! Averaging 18.5 mpg around town, 22 mpg highway!

2008 Audi Q7

Great car + the review above is TOTALLY unbalanced

2009-01-25 03:35:31

As a 6'3" driver, I can say that there is PLENTY of headroom in this car. The 3.6 could use a bit more power, as this is a heavy car, but it is adequate nevertheless (one can always opt for the V-8). The 3rd row seating is useful for those normally placed there, kids, like all SUV's of this type, back there is not optimal for adults (which is ******* function anyway). The styling is classic modern in an nicely understated fashion, but with the trademark front grill, which gives it some oomph. The previous reviewer is obviously NOT a user, because why would one by the car if one hates the styling so much? These review should be taken with many grains of salt. I have not had any problems with the quality up to now, so can only say good things about it, which seems to be the consensus one reads about. Mileage is acceptable for this kind of vehicle, if one needs much more, than an SUV is not the kind of car one should get.

2008 Audi Q7

i love it

2008-07-17 20:14:19

This is a great car. The only problem is that the third row is built for a child.There is not enough room for an adul tin the third row. This Suv drives like a luxury sedan. (very smooth ride)

2008 Audi Q7

2008 3.6

2007-10-09 09:13:24


2008 Audi Q7

I love it

2007-07-30 09:52:09

Best SUV. It drives like the AUDI sadans, which drive like a dream. Its spacious, and a wonderful family car. The best saftey features on the market is in this car. Its a must purchase.

2008 Audi Q7

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