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AUDI A5: sports and elegance combined

2009-01-22 18:10:49

how often do you look at a car and go "wow" or "oooo"? germans make great cars, but in terms of appearance, they fall a little behind in terms of style and sexiness. well not any more - the audi A5 coupe blew my mind when i first looked at it. i knew that once i start driving this thing on the road, people are going to stare...and that's exactly what's been happening. it's like i'm driving a ferrari or masserati. for its price, i just don't see any reason to buy anything else in the market if you're looking for a stylish and performace driven coupe. sure the bmw 328i couple drives spectacularly, but just look at the thing - dull interior and exterior design. pay a little more, and drive a car that will "wow" people.

2008 Audi A5

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