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4.0 out of 5

4 years with my 2007 EOS

2011-04-25 01:39:01

I leased my 2007 EOS for 4 years and just returned it last week. I guess it was the first year EOS, lot of problems. Water leaking about 2 years in. Brought it back to the dealer and they replaced all the seams and even shampooed the carpets. Also did many water test to make sure the leak is fixed. Near the end of the 4 year, water vapor started showing up inside the car again. I remember well that it meant the water started to get in again. The convertible pump filed about 3-4 times during the 4 years. I lost count. The top could close fine, but it kept trying to tighten something or the other and it errors out. Ended ********'t open up the truck. Other than that, the car is perfectly fine for what it is, especially for the price range. The 2011-12 model now has updated radio and bluetooth even on the base model. I just can't find a similar car for the price range. So I'm going to get another EOS this week.

2007 Volkswagen Eos

love it!

2009-03-27 11:10:26

i have my 2007 for 21/2 years now and would buy another one tommorrow...if you love convertibles but want the hard top for the winter you will love this car...it is downright fun, very powerful and very reliable overall.

2007 Volkswagen Eos

Not to thrilled with my eos

2009-03-06 00:51:42

I bought my car with 3 miles on it. I loved the car until i hit 15,000 miles, then the nightmare started. The car has broken down 3 times where it had to be town. Everytime was some type of electrical probem. I have had numerous top problems. The car over heated on me when it was full with radiator coolent. The dashboard is like a christmas tree. A different light show everyday. The onboard computer throws out all different kinds of error messages, and when I take it to vw they say they "cannot duplicate the issue". The back window motor died which then made it unable to open the top. Honestly the only thing that works the best is the radio. Everytime I get in the car I pray to the god all mighty hoping that the car gets me to my place. Over all I love the car when it works, however I wish I would have bought a bmw. If it wasn't for the bad times we are all going through, I would ditch that car and never look bad. Until then, make sure buying this car is something you want to do.

2007 Volkswagen Eos

great car for the money

2007-09-12 08:22:20

but dealers are retarded and can't fix the squeaks in the roof - volkswagen needs to get better dealers for their service !the company is making better cars but needs to replace their dealers !

2007 Volkswagen Eos

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