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4.0 out of 5

Great CUV

AOL user 2013-07-19 11:30:03

Traded my much newer Nissan in for this Highlander Hybrid to get better towing capacity. The car tows the boat much better and I get better mileage overall. Without towing we get 1 mpg better overall and when towing the boat we get considerably better mileage than the Nissan. Average 19-20 mpg pulling the boat compared to 12-14 mpg and 25-26 mpg average with 50-50 city/hwy driving. The car is convenient inside and out. We don't use the 3rd row seat and due to the back adjustment of the 2nd row seats those are very comfortable for full size (6' & 200lbs plus) adults. Easy to park in the garage with space to spare. The moon roof is great and controls for everything are ergonomically placed. I did miss my phone controls from the Nissan and replaced the excellent OEM radio with a new Sony with Bluetooth so I can phone talk easier while driving. Overall the car drives nice although I'm surprised that it is rougher than expected but still smoother than a truck based chassis car. I've heard the 3rd generation "Synergy" on the new Highlander is even better but I'm not sure the cost associated with a new model is worth it. There are many CUV's on the market that are getting decent mileage and are "loaded" for a lot less money. That said I'm very happy with my pre-owned Hybrid and would recommend it to anybody looking for a used CUV/SUV with hauling capabilities car.

2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

I luv this car

bomac114 2011-11-06 16:29:15

I've owned this vehicle since 1/2007. I have 59K on it Last Oct had to buy new tires and since that time, on-the-road mileage had gone from 30 mph to 24-25 at 65 mph. In town is about 27. Changed engine air filter and air conditioner air filter. Run tires at 35 psi because our tire guy said it works better at that psi. I like this vehicle very much, but am so dissappointed in the change of gas mileage. I bought it for BWI area driving and am now in NC so most of my driving is highway but no stop and go.

2007 Toyota Highlander hybrid

60K miles in under 36 mos, few problems

AOL user 2010-04-09 06:01:10

I leased a 2007 hylander/hybrid in May of 2007. It is well appointed, comfortable and relatively few issues...however, the 2 I had were significant: 1. The car would frequently, about every 60-90 days, have a dead battery in the a.m. when I went to start it. Never found out why, just glad I had AAA to come & give me a jump start all those times. 2. Out of no-where, without warning, the nav system had a meltdown. It gave wacky info and was unreliable for about 3 or 4 months. I actually had to put my plug-in garmin in the car, which really p____sed me off cuz it's over $2K to add into the car up front and it's not FIXABLE...it's only replaceable....then, out of the blue - again, it started working again. Had it at the dealer's several times, they reloaded the system and it never helped. Don't know why it finally is OK now, but it is. I'd rate the car 3 1/2 to 4 stars, it's comfortable and has great features. I'm not going Toyota again, I've had 3 in a row and now with this gas petal problem - enuf is enuf for me cuz of the nav & battery problems I had. PS the dealer lied, cheated and was horrible. Toyota financial applied lease pmts to the wrong account (old one that was closed) and I had to go to the Attny General in my state to square away the original deal I was supposed to have.

2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Highlander Hybrid

Darby1044 2008-11-13 05:53:20

Love this car! Has all the comfort and utility of an SUV with MUCH better gas mileage. I usually get 27 mpg and often get as much as 30 mpg

2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

In town mpg is low

Lenenglander 2008-08-19 15:33:15

The hybrid drives like a dream with no feeling of shifting. My intown milage is 23mpg. Highway mpg is 28. I expected closer to 30 as was on the sticker. I cannot start any slower from a stopped postion without getting honked at for being slow. It seems that the gas engine kicks in too fast to boost or recharge the battery. I have plenty of room for three.

2007 Toyota Highlander hybrid

Less than expected

2007-10-22 11:12:04

I bought a 2007 Hybred in December 2006. It drives fine, but the MPG seems to change only when you reach certain miles on the odometer. Could it be the MPG shown improves automatically as soon as the car reaches certain mileage? Higher octane gas, long road trips, no A/C, none seem to have an effect. I get slightly under 25 MPG. The interior design is far below that in the 2004 Prius I traded. The center consul is so deep nothing can be found in it. The car radio would not allow satelite radio, so I bought one from Circuit City. Checking temperature, MPG and engine and battery function requires pushing a button on the speedometer. I'd like my Prius back.

2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Toyota Highlander Hybrid All Wheel Drive 5 passenger

2007-10-07 09:49:00

Fit and Finish, Nice

Get up and go, Very Nice

Leather Interior, Nice. Drivers side seat,stained at belt line from winter coat. Heated seats and quality of leather the cause. Owned jacket and leather seats before with heated seats in Volvo trade in and did'nt have this problem. Toyota said,"Oh well" Not very happy about their reply.

Very quiet car.

Pedestrians have hard time hearing car driving around looking for parking space at a mall.Walk out in front of you because of that.

Saving the planet burning less gas, Nice !

Get up and go, Nice, like a snowmobile, give it the gas and hold on cause this car is going.

Would buy another Hybrid, just not one with leather seats that stain from your clothing. Not very happy about Toyota's reply!

2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Review of 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

2007-09-10 03:13:57

I love my Highlander Hybrid. It is fuel efficient, easy to handle, great on the highway, has great get-up-and-go. The hybrid was easy to get used to and is a real pleasure to drive. The style of the interior and exterior is flawless - very driver friendly. I own a 2006 model and am looking forward to the release of the slightly larger, updated 2008 hybrid - that will be my next car. I have owned 14 Toyotas since 1980 and the Highlander is of the same high quality I have come to expect from a Toyota product. Thanks, Toyota!

2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

My Highlander Hybrid

2007-09-08 09:42:14

I have now owned my Highlander Hybrid for approx. five months. There are great surprises to this vehicle as well as some disapointments.

The surprise is the pick up. I have test driven several cars as of late and find that from Mercedes to Cadillac, My Hybrid Highlander has just as much if not more (because of size) pick up. On the interstate I can go from 55 to 75 and above in miliseconds.

A disapointment that I have discovered is that the Gas mileage is not as high as the professed amount.

I do get great Gas mlg. However is is more like 25 around town and 32 on highway.

All in all I love my new Highlander and I am happy with my selection, not only because of the environment issue, but the room of an suv the savings of gas money and the all in all day by day performance of this vehicle.

2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid

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