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2008-07-21 08:04:09

I bought an 07 Reno 10/07. So far, I'm impressed. I bought the car in a desperate need of a new vehicle without research on the make or model which is highly unusual for me. The dealer was packed full of people on a Monday night. This made me believe that they either were trading or did their research. I talked to a few people and was convinced I was buying a good car. I originally picked a silver Forenza but upon walking in to do the paperwork, I passed a row of red Reno's with all the options that I wanted but was unable to get that day in the Foreza. I sat in the Reno, test drove, and liked it right away. It was loaded with Leather, moon roof, awesome stereo, cruise, you name it. One of the most important reason for buying the Reno was price. I was on a tight budget and with all I had in the vehicle it was an awesome deal of $16k for a new car. I have been a Honda guy for many years and will recommend it anyone who is thinking of buying a Honda. But for the price, the Reno is thousands less than a Honda. And so far, having the Reno almost 10 months it has been great! It has great pick up and handling, rides pretty quite, great a/c (living in Florida is a must), quality leather through out, which is not an option but the dealer dressed up a few. I did research, AFTER I purchased the car and saw complaints of starters being bad and the car was actually a Daewoo, I became worried. I dug more and found that they are built in a Daewoo plant which is owned by GM but it is a Suzuki all the way. Also, Suzuki sells more cars than Toyota, Honda & Mazda worldwide. Then I felt really good about my car. I have only 2 complaints. Gas mileage is only in the mid 20's and there isn't a power button for the power locks. You have to use the remote key or manually pull up on the lock and then all 4 doors lock/unlock. Great car for the price and still better on gas than my prior SUV! If price is an issue, BUY A SUZUKI! Questions? Ask me and I'll reply the best way I can:)

2007 Suzuki Reno

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