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4.5 out of 5

Review of 2007 Saturn Sky

2008-12-02 19:46:06

I bought a saturn sky and life has not been the same when you get this car all eyes are on you. I only hate that i have too but the car away for the winter months, you really need too have a second car. The only thing i can find wrong and would like too change is the trunk space/and should have made a console between the seats. If you have this car you know what i mean. Other than ******** more sexy than practical. Thats ******** all about!!!

2007 Saturn Sky

Review of 2007 Saturn Sky

2008-03-01 08:25:18

Purchased mine July 2007. Red Lne, Bluestone color w/ Tan top. I love everything about it. Those fine lines!!!

2007 Saturn Sky

2007 sky

2008-02-02 11:51:23


2007 Saturn Sky

Love this car.

2007-11-05 08:02:56

I can tell you that I have enjoyed driving this car. Mine is a hot yellow number and yes you get the looks. Last month I was at a stop light and a police officer asked me how fast the car would do!!! (of course...the speed limit!!) It's a fast looking car that is fun to drive. My only regret is not getting the red line version. But then again this car goes too fast anyway and has great pick up and go.

2007 Saturn Sky

If you like gettng looks, this car is for you

2007-09-16 10:09:49

I've had my Sky for about a year. I love it! Everyone still turns their head when they drive by. If you want a car that is fun to drive and looks great, this is for you. I would recommend the Sky to anyone who won't complain about the lack of storage space-- storage isn't the reason to buy this car. It's all about fun!

2007 Saturn Sky

Saturn Sky Redline Tulsa, OK

2007-09-16 10:06:53

I had to drive to Mesquite, TX in late May to get this incredible car since there were none to choose from anywhere closer! Definately worth the drive! My wife was not convinced that we really neede a 3rd car until I pulled up in it and all she could say was "What an awesome car!" Absolutely the best car for the money. Lots of power and the best looking of all convertables in my opinioin!

2007 Saturn Sky

Saturn Sky Red Line Turbo = pocket rocket (Opel GT)

2007-09-10 01:15:03

Beautiful Styling, excellent performance and fuel economy (28 mpg avg!), comfortable seats, excellent handling. 260 HP, 0-60 in 5.1 Fun to drive!

Good job GM on this one.

2007 Saturn Sky

2007 Red Line Sky

2007-08-31 09:58:07

I bought my wife the 2997 R ed Line Sky for Christmas 2007. I put the keys in the bottom of her stocking and boy was she suprised to see the BIG red bow attatached to that beautiful black Sky. The car fits her great as she is 5 feet tall but for me it is a little tight but I love taking it out on the weekends, cruising the winding back roads. We love the car!!!

2007 Saturn Sky

great machine

2007-08-19 10:29:34

Quality, 34 mpg hwy, 0-60 in 5.2 with the turbo... regular fuel,,,solid and it is so fun to drive... a true road machine that also looks great..all under 30k

2007 Saturn Sky

Review of 2007 Saturn Sky

2007-08-13 12:31:40

2007 Saturn Sky

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