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5.0 out of 5

2007 Pontiac Grand Prix Lover

2008-12-10 07:01:30

I have never owned a Pontiac , my first new car in many years was just that - my silver Pontiac Grand Prix which I have had about 6 months. I LOVE THIS CAR and my husband and I argue quite alot when he tries to drive it. He says it is a womans car because he bumps his head getting in and out of the vehicle, he thinks it has to much power for me to - HA - jealous he is for sure. This car has power it is so comfortable the leather heated seats are a dream come true. I am a 40 year old woman with the car of my dreams I would not trade it for anything and I will stay with this product for the rest of my life I am sure. The temp. controls for driver and front seat passenger are great to - for the person who made the comment of no temp controls for the back seat passengers - well this is a CAR not a mini-van heat and air is going to go to the back seat no matter what. LOVE IT ANYWAY.

2007 Pontiac Grand Prix

2007 Grand prix

2008-08-24 10:11:59

This is one of the best cars I have owned. The other was a 1988 Grand prix SE. The comfort is way beyond compare. The dependability is tops.

2007 Pontiac Grand prix

Review of 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix

2007-09-04 11:59:07

I bought a used 2007 that was from a rental car company. I've had no regrets since buying it! It gets great fuel mileage. Large trunk and roomy seats. Front seats are contoured to you, makes you feel quite comfy. My model is a simple sedan but it has plenty of options. I only wish the message center showed the temperature and mpg. The tire sensors are not accurate. I couldn't find my tire guage and spent many days airing up the wrong tire due to the message center telling me it was one tire that was low when in fact it was a different one. Good sound system. Back seat fits 2 full size car seats and one booster seat. I like that the back seats fold down, made it really easy to get a toddler bed home from the store without having to pick it up in the truck. I've got 32000 miles on my car and haven't had any trouble with it, yet. Knock on wood. I bought mine from a wholesale dealer at a very cheap cost, otherwise I probably wouldn't have bought it, I can't see paying the MSRP for this vehicle knowing that I could've gotten it as cheap as I did.

2007 Pontiac Grand Prix

Review of 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix

2007-08-12 11:32:00


2007 Pontiac Grand Prix

Not comfortable....

2007-08-03 08:44:38

I have the 2007 GXP and it looks great, but the leather seats feel like church pews, and that is being generous. They are hard. The air conditioning and heating system provides no vents for back seat passengers. For the price of this car, I feel it is lacking. My car is 7 months old and I am looking to trade it in already. Sad statement.

2007 Pontiac Grand Prix

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