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5.0 out of 5

2007 Murano

2012-02-26 12:39:48

The first time I drove a Murano was when we rented a car on a visit to Chicago. My wife and I immediately loved it. At the time we had two Volvo's. When the lease came due on one of our cars we leased the Mruano. When the lease terminated we bought the car. We each have back and knee problems and have found this to be the most comfortable car for our needs. We have owned many luxury vehicles over the years and status statements are beyond interest. This is probably the most comfortable car we have ever had. My son-in-law purchased a Nissan after driving ours. I would recommend the vehicle without hesitation.

2007 Nissan Murano

Review of 2007 Nissan Murano

2009-06-08 14:30:18

I love my 2007 Murano SE - have had Toyotas for years, Avalons, Highlander and RAV 4 - but this is great. Have the adjustable foot pedals and is great for a short person. Won't be without the backup camera from now on - sunroof controls great - leather is very nice and great room in it. Would buy another one - Gas mileage around town is 22-23 - a trip 24-25.

2007 Nissan Murano


2009-03-20 08:36:41

I have had my 2007 Murano for almost a year & love it!!! I traded in my dodge caravan for this as "my soccer mom" days were over. I test drove saturns, hondas, chevy & this car is not only sporty, and gets good gas mileage, ******** really fun to drive. When I do need the extra space, the back seats fold down. I got the base model, but added leather seats...which to me make the car. I liked the rogue too...but it was a little smaller & I have a family of 5 so they all fit.

2007 Nissan Murano

One Wonderful SUV

2008-11-02 23:11:52

I have owned so many different SUVs that I know of what I speak. The last two were Buicks, the Rainer and Rendevous. I have had five back surgeries also so I always checkout the seats for my comfort. This Nissan Murano has been the best one so far. I selected the loaded SL AWD. It has been my favorite SUV for many reasons. I am a teacher and I have an antiques business also. I need room and more room for all the hauling I do. This SUV has been the easiest to change seating options for my hauling and the best gas mileage of all of them I've had. I would recommend this one to everybody.

2007 Nissan Murano

2007 Murano SE

2008-09-25 15:32:02

I purchased a "loaded" 2007 Murano in 2007 and loved the style, comfort level, ease of driving and even the gas mileage. It had it all and it was the most expensive, luxurious car I have ever owned; however, from the time I got home to the present, I have had a SEVERE squeak when in reverse. I took the car back to the dealer multiple times, have had the brake pads replaced twice and the latest time was told "this is a normal operating characteristic". I have never heard such a ridiculous comment even on inexpensive cars. Consequently, I have gone from loving the car (rating 10, 5 star) to despising it (rating 0, 0 star or F). Currently I have another car on order, never to return to NISSAN. Nancy Kidd

2007 Nissan Murano

Extremely Satisfied !!!! LOVE MY MURANO!!!

2008-07-10 11:23:10

I have always driven a Ford..And this past year & was so empressed with a rental Murano, I bought one fully loaded to the hilt. I am overjoyed with the purchase & tell everyone just how happy I am. As a matter a fact a good friend just bought herself one after riding in mine. I don't feel trapped or closterphobic when I sit in my Murano. The seats cuddle & caress me. There is so much room in the back seat also that passengers don't mind sitting in the back. I LOVE the HUGE dash!! I love that the side panels pop out, the heated seats, the sunroof, the ample space when folding down the seats. So many many great options.Just love it! I think the best thing of all is after working a 12 hour shift as a nurse & standing all day. I get excited walking to my car in the garage because I know that once I open the door, it's almost like my Murano says,"Welcome Home" & it nestle's me in for the drive home with perfect dual AC/Heat, Sirius radio with Boise sound & the feel of my heated seats on my back & buttocks. Thank You Nissan for building a darn near PERFECT vehicle. We are heading to the Poconos & Canada this month for our 1st vacation in years & we are loking forward to the drive in our Murano. That's just how comfortable it is. R.Chandler VaBeach

2007 Nissan Murano

Review of 2007 Nissan Murano

2008-03-09 12:28:31

2007 Nissan Murano

Review of 2007 Nissan Murano

2008-01-04 03:17:44

I love my Murano no problems

2007 Nissan Murano

I Love My Murano

2007-11-03 08:39:05

I got my Murano 5 mos ago after driving one as a rental after being hit in an Acura TL. I have a fully loaded SL w/ leather seats, sunroof, navigation and sattelite radio. Couldn't be more satisfied with a vehicle. I get great mileage and it drives as smooth as any car. I checked other SUVs but nothing compared. Even checked the big brother Infinity FX 35 which cost about $7000 more.

2007 Nissan Murano

I love it!

2007-10-13 10:24:06

I have had my Murano for 2 months. Wow! The seats fit like a glove and are so comfortable. It feels like they are giving me a hug. The steering wheel is sporty and super thick. Very comfy to drive. This car is super smooth when you accelerate. It has so many amenities that I love. The interior is upscale and very solidly built. I am amazed everyday that the doors shut so smoothly. I love how they sound. My mileage is pretty good, I get about 22 mpg overall, maybe 25 on the highway. Everything about it says quality. I wanted one for a long time but I had just bought a new car when they came out. I am so glad I finally got it!

2007 Nissan Murano

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