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4.5 out of 5


2009-04-10 21:59:34

This car is awesome. It is one of the nicest looking cars out there. It is definetly sporty and feels great when driving. It is comfortable and very clean and nice inside. It's decent on gas and drives so smooth. Definetly one of the nicest sports cars out there today. It is great. I love mine. Would recomend this baby to anybody looking to buy a nice sports car.

2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse

A sweeeet ride !

2007-09-25 08:12:37

My hubbie is calling this my "hoochie-mamma" car! The color matches my red-hair. Love it! Coming from a Toyota Avalon, the ride isn't quite as smooth, but WAY more fun! And yes...the surrounding views out the front, back, and side windows aren't the best, but if you are a decent thinking driver and checking mirrors, you won't have a problem. I got the SE (special edition) model with black leather seats. Sound system is great, although I'm not using it to its "capacity"....must be my "older" age.

2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse

It's all about DeSign : )

2007-09-17 08:20:27

Purchased a 07/SE Model. To me it's a sport/touring car that has a unique design, making it different then the rest. The four cyl. with 5 speed provides decent performance, balance, and ecomony. First tank average was 27 MPG. For the money,there's no competition. I belive you get what you pay for, but in this case, I believe I got more : ).

Great for singles/couples,but the back seat is for luggage/tennis racket/etc. Super Warranty/Super Package. Shop & compare, then go test drive a Eclipse. Oh, set mirror's properly, & it eliminates the blind spot. It's a fun car to drive. EnJoy. JDM.

2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Most Bang for the Buck

2007-08-25 08:09:00

This is my third Eclipse. It will give you the most power and luxury for the money in its class.

It's a beautiful, head-turning, fast car but not for moms or anyone transporting a family.

The front seat is fine, but the back seat isn't very big or easy to get in. But at least there is a back seat, unlike so many sports cars.

The stereo is great, I heard things I never heard on other car stereos. The steering wheel controls are fun and handy, too.

The addition of a cargo net in the trunk cuts down on the space. I had to remove it.

I found it impossible to drive without a pillow, as the seats are not adjustable unless you buy the whole package which includes power adjust seats.

I didn't like the color choices either, and had to say good-bye to my beautiful forest green and settle for a dull pearl gray.

you live in NYC, stay away from Mitsubishi Yonkers, they're very rude and sneaky. Try LaSorsa in the Bronx.

There's a good warranty, 5 years. Unfortunately, I needed it too much with my last Eclipse. I haven't had this one long enough to rate it for durability, but if it's like my other ones it should last 3-5 years before it starts costing more to maintain than it's worth.

Happy motoring!

2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Fun to drive

2007-08-11 06:06:32

I researched this car for monyhs befoe buying. This cars have an awesome profile. They definetly command attention when driving down the road. it is a fun car to drive , even the 4 banger I have.

Only two complaints..........bad blind spots & finding a repalcement tire took 3 days ...........

2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse

Review of 2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse

2007-08-08 02:33:17

2007 Mitsubishi Eclipse

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