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8 Yr owner

2015-08-20 13:16:38

A serious machine. First of all this is the most powerful street car that Mazda has ever made and one of the best handling. It still has more torque than a 2015 Nissan 370Z Nismo and can out maneuver anything near it's price point. With that great handling comes very stiff suspension so to be honest it is a terrible daily driver. It loathes cruising around town at low speeds jarring over every joint in the pavement, but get it on the open road and it becomes a time machine, sometimes arriving at your destination before you ever left. 80mph is the speed it likes to cruise, and there is still plenty of pedal to play with beyond that. I have been lucky enough to do 90 percent of my driving on the open road and enjoy every minute of it. And to all of the AWD is soo superior crowd, I've got news, if you know how to drive it doesn't matter. I grew up in CO and have been driving on ****** roads my entire life, and there is no better feeing than smoking a Subie up Berthoud Pass in the snow in my FWD Mazda, which I have done repeatedly. This car does require a great deal of restraint to drive and will earn you HWY Patrol merit badges. A bone stock 07SPEED3 took 5th place overall in the 2012 Targa Tasmania, "The Ultimate Tarmac Road Race" behind a twin turbo Lambo, a couple of RS Porsches and hyped up EVOS, like I said a serious machine. It's not a zero to sixty car, it doesn't do burnouts or oversteer in to a drift but it also goes unnoticed by most people until you pass them uphill at 10,000 ft doing a bill, thats when people scratch their head and say was that? A well kept performance secret. Zoom Zoom

2007 Mazda MAZDASPEED3

ALL SPEED 3 MODELS 2007-2010

2011-03-25 02:51:20

I have 44,000 miles on the car. I'm tired of reading the so called expert auto reviewers who complain about torque steer. One so called expert said there is two ways to drive the car: the high school taught way, releasing the clutch out slowly and put the gas to the pedal or rev the engine to 25-2800 rpm and punch it. Any Dumbo Dinzo from NCIS would know torque steer is going to exist if drive the later way due to the powerful engine. But really, who drives that way unless you don't expect to own the car long because you're going to rip it up.Com'on let's get serious. I have never experienced the type of torque steer all the auto mags like to refer to. Once on the roll from say 5mph you can full throttle it and you are not going have any torque steer unless the wheels are not straight. One moment these "experts" can't stand the car ("one better served with a 2011 WRX but then the WRX ride is too soft and the interior is cheap") but the Speed 3 gives the driver a better feel for the road. It goes on and on if one read all the reviews as I have. Bottom line: You want a librarian car with a bit of excitement ,refinement but no power, get the VW GTI. If you drive in areas where AWD is helpful for the road elements, you want a car for 0-60/quarter mile drags, below average mpg, so so interior layout, soft handling, get the WRX . If you don't need the AWD, you like a 6 speed for better mpg, you want t a more lively feel, and power on the roll to keep up with any car, buy the Speed 3. I have driven all these cars and each has its pros and cons. I would say the WRX and the Speed 3 are the best bang of the buck. Forget the STI. Too expensive for what you can get. Dealers told me they are selling way more WRXs. Now, if Mazda would step to the plate and just put a FWD, that would be the best of all worlds. No TS discussion. Speed 3 is more powerful than the WRX and the handling of the Speed 3 is very close to the STI but would still be cheaper.

2007 Mazda MazdaSPEED3


2007-08-25 09:53:30

The Mazdaspeed3 is real "sport car". Its handling is excellant. Acceleration is unbelievable. It easily achieves the 100 mph + range in 5th gear. (it has a manual 6 speed)

At any speed it sits on the road rock solid, no unusual vibrations, no sign of lightness, or drift. This car gives you a feeling of confidence in any situation.

I do not want to advocate unsafe or illegal driving,but this car can carry you there. It is necessary to exersize a great deal of self control. The faster it is going the better it feels. enough about its performance, suffice it to say ,It is a real thrill to drive.

Its fit and finish in and out is very good.

I have had the car for 8000 miles, our "city" driving averages 29.1, on longer trips we get 32.2. I do not drive to achieve high economy, as I said the car is fun and I drive it that way.

2007 Mazda MazdaSpeed3

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