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4.0 out of 5

Not reliable

flqueenfan 2012-02-29 23:12:10

I am surprised that all the other reviewers have had such good experiences, and I truly hope they continue to have such good luck. I, and thousands of others, have not. I bought my CX-7 used in 2007, with just over 9000 miles on her. I lived in a snowy, icy climate and needed the AWD, and it worked great. Not quite a year later, I moved to Florida, and I don't really have a need for that aspect now. At 27,000 miles, I had to replace the OEM tires. I would hopes that I could get more miles than that out of them, but I guess that was asking too much. While she was in for that, I had them "fix" the Variable Valve Timing glitch that had recently been noticed in bulletins. Things went along relatively well, although she is definitely a gas hog. I rarely, if ever, get more than 250 miles out of a tank of gas. When I drove from MN to FL and did all highway miles, I think I got to around 275. At 59,500 miles, my timing chain started causing a tremendous racket. As it was covered under the powertrain warranty, I had them fix it (which was hard to do--the dealer and Mazda both wanted to fight it because of the earlier work done on the VVT) and got the car back at 59,900 miles. I then went on a trip, and on the way out my "zoom-zoom" started to go-go. There was an odd whistling noise, and on the way back I could only hit 40 mph. I took her into the shop the next morning and they said it was fine; I drove two blocks and smoke started pouring out the back and she started bucking like a bronco. Turns out, due to a known defect, my turbo had blown, spilling oil into my engine. I was at 60,100 miles. Mazda refused to cover this because it was out of warranty and swore that working on the timing chain couldn't have hurt it. I finally got them to partially cover it, and now they've extended the warranty for this part and the VVT, which is failing again, as is the turbo because the whistle is back. Stay away from this car, pretty though she is.

2007 Mazda CX-7


Andcue 2009-04-16 22:18:30

Had my CX-7 about a year now. 54k so far. Not a single problem. Replaced the OEM tires with Kumhos. Still a little noisey over rough concrete but on most ************* as quiet as my Lexus. Rides and tracks quite well. Confident in the rain and the safety devices have never had to kick in. Very smooth Transmission and it varies the shift logic according to the driver. No stepoff problem and the guy that gets 10 mpg must drive like a manic. Amsoil or Mobil 1 and a K&N replacement air filter and I get 22 mixed driving and 25 Highway. Very nice and comfortable interior, great features,useful room and thoughtful touches and this is a car I'm happy I bought.

2007 Mazda CX-7

Great SUV

AOL user 2008-07-21 10:39:39

I enjoy the mazda CX7 the turbo charge is very good and the brakes are great it does get good gas mileage. If you drive it right i fill up every seven days and i use premium gas.

2007 Mazda CX-7

Review of 2007 Mazda CX-7

2008-04-13 11:07:03

2007 Mazda CX-7

beautiful car...but

2007-11-04 09:40:00

It's a gas hog.

I am getting less than 200 miles / tank in city driving, nothing compared to the milage rating quoted at purchase.

In addtion, the acceleration lag when you first put your foot on the gas is very annoying, especially if your pulling out in trafic and need a fast start; once the turbo charge kicks in though....your off.

A really nice vehicle, but at around 10 miles to the gallon, I will be trading it in soon.

2007 Mazda CX-7

Review of 2007 Mazda CX-7

2007-10-10 12:05:13

This is a very smart looking car. I find the turbo to be very touchy, the gas expensive and burns a lot of gas each week. We were not told we needed hi-test until all the papers were signed. I should have said, "No deal". But I didn't. The brakes are also touchy. There is a swaying motion when riding in the car that the driver does not feel as much as the passenger. I have a granddaughter who cannot ride in the car in the back seat without becoming sick to her stomach. When my lease is up I will turn the car in and will not buy another Mazda. I really am disappointed in the performance. I had a Toyota before this and the performance was much better than this car and a lot cheaper car to boot.

2007 Mazda CX-7


2007-10-08 11:41:00

I had a 2006 Toyota Avalon limited this car had all the bells & whistles but the engine was very loud and the gas mileage was not that great liked they said it was. My friend bought a new Mazda CX-7 Grand touring modle and he let take it out for a ride that's all it took to have sell my Avalon. The following week i sold my Avalon out right and bought a new Mazda Grand Touring modle this car has the Bose stereo with 9 speekers in in and the sound is just great the engine is so quiet that you cant hear it when it's in idle and the turbo kicks out 250 horse power i love my new Mazda Grand Touring cx-7 it has so much zip and it's just great on the milage. Thr ride is so smooth and it's so quiet when your on the road it's just a great car to own. To sum it all up if you want a great car for the money i would say buy this car plus this car is 100% made in Japan so you can go to sleep in peace knowing that this car is not going to break down and leave you stranded.

2007 Mazda CX-7

2007 CX7

2007-09-24 04:03:09

Have had this CX7 now for about a month, one long trip to Maine and it was excellent on the road, steady and agile with good road skills. Inside very comfortable, excellent radio (and SIRIUS) with good space for my needs.

This is my 5th Mazda, and I'm solid in their corner; I've had a Miata, a MPV and 2 Mazda 3's and now this CX7. Very pleased with 1400 miles so far.

2007 Mazda CX-7

gas mileage

2007-09-24 03:30:50

The car is great, but the amount of times I put gas in it a week is incrediable. Nevermind it has to be premium gas. For a full tank I only get about 240 miles which sometimes is even less than that. Otherwise, its a great car

2007 Mazda CX-7


2007-09-14 05:49:16

What else needs to be said? Take one for a test drive and see for yourself at a local Mazda dealership. I never thought a car like that could have so much zip....I had never even thought about a Mazda before as I always purchased FORDS. A friend who has been loyal to Mazda got me to try one out. I drive 80 miles round trip daily to and from Providence RI and also shoot up to Boston at least once a week. I don't mind driving I-93 in this baby! Try and'll be doing yourself a favor. It doesn't cost anything to try. Luxurious inside and out...leather interior, moon roof and 18" wheels are a dream. I'm one very satisfied customer. Rox

2007 Mazda CX-7

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