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4.5 out of 5

Convertible Cruisin'

2008-10-25 11:11:21

I wanted a 4-seater convertible that didn't drive like a muscle car, was a safe car (in accidents), and was good on gas mileage. And of course it had to be cute. The result of my search was a MINI. I got a 2-year lease in case I did not like the car, but after the lease ends I am going to get another one. It is not a great car for long-distance trips as it does ride like a go-cart. The best drive is on a curvy, hilly, tree-lined back road!! I put the top down and just have a blast!! My one and only complaint is there is not a lot of place to put your "stuff". It is definitely a European-designed car. And in Europe they don't have things like Big Gulp cups and super-sized meals. :-)

2007 MINI Cooper

Review of 2007 MINI Cooper

2008-05-19 12:41:38

2007 MINI Cooper

Love it!

2008-05-19 06:51:38

I just love my '07 Mini. It is a great car.

2007 MINI Cooper

Review of 2007 MINI Cooper

2007-11-25 07:46:37

By far the best vehicle i have ever owned!!

2007 MINI Cooper

Review of 2007 MINI Cooper

2007-11-11 01:16:30

2007 MINI Cooper

2007 Mini Cooper S Convertible - Best Fun Car Out There

2007-11-07 03:34:00

We purchased a 2007 Mini Cooper S Convertible and took delivery the end of July. This car is a blast. "Is there any reason not to drive around with the top down", it asks you in print. Fully automatic as far as putting the top up and down. We have the fully automatic version as well. One of the best decisions we made. We purchased the car to use at our vacation home in Canandaigua, Finger Lakes, New York but meanwhile are enjoying the use of it in Florida before we drive it up to New York next spring. We found getting in and out of back seat easier in this convertible than Solara and G6 even though those models are larger with more seat room. Navigating in and out of seat is easier in Mini and satisfactory when driver and passenger push their seats forward. When there is no passenger in rear seat, Driver and passenger have more leg room than competitors' convertibles. European styling and quality with sports car feel. Life is short...enjoy it.

2007 MINI Cooper

Yes, I know how fast I was going, it has cruise control!

2007-10-26 06:54:33

I purchased a 2007 convertable, and am constantly amazed how spacious the inside really is. The shifting is smooth, easy, and unfortunately screams to be driven fast. Apparently the highway patrol is not as impressed as I was, and even looked at me amazed, when asking if I had realized I was traveling at 93 MPH, I answered, "yes, I had it on cruise control" The only thing that saved me, is that living in a rural area, there are no other Mini's, and they were more interested in the car, than ticketing me. I have a 35 mile, windy road, with little traffic trip to work each day.....can you imagine how much fun that is? My husband demands equal time...yeah right..I let him drive it one time a week..hey, I'm not the one that bought the huge truck that drinks gas. At 38 miles per gallon, I can can now feel that I work to live, not work for gasoline. My husband wouldn't let me take the truck to Home Depot, thinking that "how much can you put in a Mini?" Well...an entire set of cushions for the lawn furniture,(four chair, two recliners and one bench seat),and four gallons of paint. Even my Mother-in-law loves to ride in it, with the top down, of course. I can't imagine getting another gas guzzler, and will always be a mini girl.

2007 MINI Cooper

Sheriff asked "just out ripping around tonight?"

2007-10-19 07:02:30

Though no longer stick to my credo "triple digits daily" I do enjoy performance. Yes, I was pulled over the other night for "speed racing" but not only was I let off with a warning, it was the first time a cop shook my hand when he told me to have a good night.

Taking the 25 mph s turns at better than twice that I glanced in the mirror and noticed a car behind me struggling in pursuit. Knew it had to be "Barney" so by the time the lights came on I was already pulling over.

Ok, about the Mini S ragtop. It is absolutely the most solid front wheel drive car I've driven. I don't like computers doing my driving so learned early to shut it off. Something not as easy to do in other cars. My only regret is not opting for the big screw supercharger in the JCW $6,000 performance upgrade.

Though being a bit taller than the average guy and my girlfriend snickering when I get out in my snakeskin boots and Stetson, I truly enjoy having all those folks taking photos with their cell phones. I've also learned when the girls come up and say "How cute" I need to reply "oh, you mean the car".

2007 MINI Cooper

Review of 2007 MINI Cooper

2007-10-18 03:51:11

This is my first Mini and I love it! I'm having waaay too much fun driving it. My husband can't get me to drive his SUV so he can have fun driving the Mini. I have the Cooper S and it have more that enough power to get in and out of traffic without a problem.

2007 MINI Cooper

Another MINI!

2007-09-09 09:23:47

I bought a 2003 MINI and absolutely LOVED it. No problems. It handled incredibly well and I racked up 50,000 miles in 3 years. I missed having a stick shift so I traded it in for a 2007. The trade in value was great. The (same) salesman asked me if I thought I'd always drive a MINI - I cannot imagine NOT driving a MINI! I feel safe, aware of my surroundings and completely in control - with a smile on my face having FUN. MINI people are the best - the MINI wave, smiling and gatherings.

2007 MINI Cooper

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