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5.0 out of 5

Review of 2007 MINI Cooper S

2008-07-14 10:55:46

2007 MINI Cooper S

Hail to the MINI enginners and manufacturer

2007-12-19 01:56:19

Everything about this car is superiorly conceived and built, considering the size and the price!

2007 MINI Cooper S

Review of 2007 MINI Cooper S

2007-10-18 08:12:50

This is my first Mini and I love it! I'm having waaay too much fun driving it. My husband can't get me to drive his SUV so he can have fun driving the Mini. I have the Cooper S and it have more than enough power to get in and out of traffic without a problem. Every one on my block loves it.

2007 MINI Cooper S

Mini Cooper S: a Revelation

2007-08-31 04:25:44

I never knew that driving could be fun. Of course that has a downside. Previous cars I have owned let me know when I was speeding, I mean, really speeding. Without a careful eye on one of the two speedometers, I would never know in my MCS. I worried about the expense of premium fuel. But 36 mpg despite my less than stingy driving style isn't bad. Despite its diminutive appearance, the front seats offer plenty of room. And the back seats? Well, I don't ride in the back seat. Though the sound system layout (e.g. volume control) takes some getting used to, I figure it's a small price to pay for an aesthetically pleasing layout.

2007 MINI Cooper S


2007-08-27 08:30:14

MY MCS Coupe is a dream. Fast as hell amd sticks to road. It can get you in trouble. 100MPH is comfortable.It will get over 40 MPG keeping it under 70.The sport mode is a hoot. It make sit rev faster and tightens steering..

Buy yourself a toy I did

2007 MINI Cooper S

Bad Ass

2007-08-20 09:55:12

This car has it all. It's a mans dream come true who wants sporty looks and big name performance. This is your car. It has awesome pick up and go speed. Turns on a dime and rarely hop the wheels. Almost like your on a magnet it sticks that well.

2007 MINI Cooper S

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