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5.0 out of 5

3 things I would change on the interior of the Lincoln Navigator

2009-04-08 23:20:39

Item#1 The center console in the front seat are situated and installed in such a fashion that if the driver wants something out of the console he best have a passenger who can get it for him, it sets so far out of kelter that the driver cannot utilize the space. Item #2 the ignition switch is well hidden so that when you slide into the seat of the car you have to lean way down on the gear shift lever to get a bead on inserting the key into the slot. Most are all scratched up from people who just take the key and move around until they think they have the key hole located (scratching it up terribly)Item#3 there is not enough room between the door panels and seat to stash things like maps, mail, envelopes etc. you cannot get a mans large hand down between the seat to put things away or retrieve things.

2007 Lincoln Navigator L

Rides Like a Pillow!

2008-11-28 23:01:16

This is the second Navigator we've owned and I am SO glad we made this purchase. I was concerned the 'Gator L would be too long and uncomfortable to drive, but it really feels good to drive. Easier to handle than I thought. My husband loves to drive it on family trips and as he says, "it rides like a pillow!" You've got to get one! It is beautiful from bumper to bumper, fine woodgrain, Navigation system, DVD, satellite radio, everything your family could need or want in a family vehicle!

2007 Lincoln Navigator L

Love it!

2007-08-03 08:25:49

I grew up on full-size SUV's. With the new engine and self-leveling, this vehicle is a true pleasure to drive. Handles like a luxury vehicle, not a truck. My kids love the reclining back seats and entertainment system! I'm a big gardner, so the cargo capacity in this SUV saved me several trips and special delivery fees. The updated dash, wood trim, and cupholders, cupholders, cupholders....wow, are we enjoying the heck out of this purchase!!!!

2007 Lincoln Navigator L

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