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5.0 out of 5

A Great Vehicle

2008-07-05 01:06:45

I have leased the Lexus RX 300 - Toyota Highlander and the Kia Sorento. In March 07 I leased a 2007 MKX after looking at the Ford Edge. Not only was the lease less expensive than the Kia Lease which was expiring the vehicle was superior to any that I have ever driven. I was a Lincoln Continental Driver for several years gave it up when I found the need for someting easier to access and seitched ove to the Lexus RX300 when it first came out. My 2007 White Chocolate MKX is superior in every way. Unless someting chnages when the lease is up in 2010 I will get another one. We drive back an dforth to Florida several times a year 24 MPG is a true calculation and the comfort and handling is wonderful on the open road.

2007 Lincoln MKX

Review of 2007 Lincoln MKX

2007-09-26 01:52:00

Love my MKX! There is absolutely nothing I don't like about it!

Chrome wheels, vista sunroof, leather heated seating, fold down rear seat and automatic rear gate open/close is the best! Plus the pep in the step of this car is very impressive!

2007 Lincoln MKX

Review of 2007 Lincoln MKX

2007-09-10 04:09:42

I trade in May of this year and got one of the new Ford Edge cars. It was O.K. but I wasn't really satisfied with it so I went back 3 weeks later and traded it for the Lincoln MKX I love it. But I still wish I had kept my Ford F150 King Ranch Truck (thats what I traded in on the ford edge)

2007 Lincoln MKX

Review of 2007 Lincoln MKX

2007-09-09 09:02:00

Only thing they missed was a back up camera.

Lucked out in April & rented a brand new (150 miles) unit from AVIS in NY. Fell in love then & there.

Glad I waited/searched 3 years to buy a new vehicle.

Latest Consumer Reports does not give a glowing report on the MKX which proves to me that they are & have been off base for years. They gave the Edge a better review. Proves the point.

Lincoln got it right!

2007 Lincoln MKX


2007-09-04 01:12:52

With the heated and COOLED heats I was impressed. Then I finally got a wish for my grandkids and friends,heated back seats that really tilt backwards!

The engine has alot of HP. The DVD system and sound is perfect for trips and the ride is perfect. The heatlights turn as you do which is to COOL. Lets take the best part now..The Lincoln MKX is 15-20 thousand..yes I said thousand cheaper than the Lexus. Its also only just 5 HP less too. I drove both, they are both top crossovers but Lincoln as finally come up with something that will put them in the game again. You can also get 4 yrs and 100,000 for alittle more. It's 4 yrs. and 50,000 now standard. I think the Carmaker finally started listening. WHO wants 3 yrs or 36 months anymore. NOBODY!!! Drive one with the permiun sound and DVD. On yes..it's got GPS for you who needs it.

2007 Lincoln MKX

Review of 2007 Lincoln MKX

2007-09-03 01:26:04

We drove the BMW X-5 & X-3. Too much money for what you get but fun too drive. Cadillac was too much for the quality of it. The Lexus RX350 was also too much money and a little too "Japanese".

The Lincoln is less money than the rest, cheaper to insure uses reg. gas and is loaded with goodies. It is very comfortable on trips, especially with the heated and cooled seats. Love the keyless entry door pad. It doesn't handle like the BMW's, but rides better. Lincoln needs to add a few things, like ambiance lighting, a cargo cover and a lighted glove box. They did it right with the reclining and heated rear seats, the gigantic multi-level console and the full width light panel on the back.

Bottom line, it is a great car for the money and gets lots of looks.

2007 Lincoln MKX

MY Lincoln MKX is wonderful!

2007-08-11 11:09:23

The Lincoln MKX is fuel efficient, looks great inside and out. It is comfortable, alot of head room and leg room. The seats warm up and cool down; your choice. Dual temperature zones that work great. The only thing I wasn't too crazy about is the after market back up camera; the image is reversed. Other than that the CUV is wonderful. People do turn their heads when you are driving. I love my CUV. You should get one it is worth the money. I say it has the Lexus RX qualities for $12000.00 less.

2007 Lincoln MKX

Review of 2007 Lincoln MKX

2007-08-06 08:59:55

great vehicle! very comfortable!

2007 Lincoln MKX

Outstanding Choice

2007-08-05 11:07:00

I was absolutely amazed at the fun I have driving this car. I use it instead of my town car. ( I get to it before my wife so she has to drive the town car. HaHa. )

2007 Lincoln MKX

one of the best I have ever owned

2007-07-26 06:52:59

I purchased the 2007 MKX and it is one of the best, if not best vehicle I have ever owned. I traded in a 2002 Lincoln LS which also was a great car. Roomy, comfortable, classy, luxurious. The navigation system is great. The vista roof makes you feel like you are driving a convertible without the noise. Love this vehicle!!!!

2007 Lincoln MKX

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