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5.0 out of 5

FUN car to drive!

2007-10-03 03:45:56

We bought this car (same color as shown) this summer and we LOVE IT!!

It has the safety crumple zones, so many airbags I lost count. (dual front, side curtain, rear side airbags ect)

GREAT GAS MILEAGE! which is wonderful since we never know how much gas will be each morning. A fillup usually lasts us 2 weeks.

This car is super FUN to drive and very eye catching when on the road. My hubby and I 'fight' over who is driving this car. Originally he didn't like it but after we bought it (we bought a Spectra that day too) he has taken this car to be his. I have to 'fight' to drive it....or leave before he does.

Its THAT FUN to drive.

The suspension is tight, no bracing yourself for every bump in the road either.

Lots of 'trunk' room in the hatch. The fold down seats are great if you need a little extra room.

It doesn't have that get up and GO off the starting line like I've been used to with larger vehicles but it quickly catches up and passes everything in sight.

Its Zippy and FUN with a lot of safety features and a surprisingly nice sound system with iPod jacks if you want to bring your own tunes.

Nice car all the way around, no regrets in our purchase.

2007 Kia Rio5

Review of 2007 Kia Rio5

2007-08-06 02:06:57

I LOVE THIS CAR. I bought mine in march and it a wonderful car that i think is overlooked by many. Its sharp handles like a dream and safety features of more expensive cars. my gas mileage is 35-38 mpg.

2007 Kia Rio5

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