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3.0 out of 5

my jeep

2008-01-20 05:47:13

I love my jeep.always had Ford or GMC but now im a jeep girl and loving it!

2007 Jeep Liberty

Review of 2007 Jeep Liberty

2008-01-02 05:10:00

2007 Jeep Liberty

Lemon Junk

2007-11-28 07:43:00

Junk from bumper to bumper!!!!

2007 Jeep Liberty

Review of 2007 Jeep Liberty

2007-10-27 04:20:38

I am on my third Jeep. (Company Car) all brand new, but always at the dealership. My 2005 was the worst. and Whittier CA dealership was just as bad. Personaly, I would not buy one.

2007 Jeep Liberty


2007-10-09 08:50:56


2007 Jeep Liberty

good , safe car

2007-10-03 02:26:19

I aagree with the air conditioning problems- and my moon roof leaks, but my liberty limited has been a great, safe car. Yah- the gas will get you, but same as any suv. I love my jeep!

2007 Jeep Liberty

Great SUV

2007-09-26 09:00:00

This SUV is the best for the money no problems and yes mpg is right on not disappointed as I read it only did 18 mpg in the city. Selection of a SUV is weather it has all wheel or is a 4 wheel drive it makes a differance in the snow. The interior is somewhat disappointing glove box small not enough room in storage box and cup holders to close together needs more storage. Performance is great very nice ride seats are excellent. Noise is bad with back windows down but how often do you drive with window down. This Jeep will heat you out or cool you off in no time love that. I would buy another with the warrenty the gave bumper to bumper for the life of me owning it. My dealer has been on top of things and I am very happy.

2007 Jeep Liberty

Liberty Loyalist

2007-09-21 08:57:36

I just bought my third Jeep Liberty in five years -- the 2003 had 115,000 miles before we sold it and other than regular maintainence, not a single problem. My 2005 -- with 70,000 miles-- is now with my son at college and it too has performed supberbly. Both were Liberty Renegades w/ manual transmissions, leather and loaded. Sadly, Jeep discontinued that model, so my new 2007 Liberty is the Limited w/ and automatic transmission, and it drives like a dream. Quiet, nimble, and more comfortable than my husband's BMW! I can't imagine owning another vehicle...and hope I never do!

2007 Jeep Liberty

car salesman must be writing these reviews-seriously!!!!!

2007-09-20 06:46:25

the least green company mafg autos in the world. worst warranty-hot air-little substance. I own a jeep, my kids have jeeps, i have owned jeeps since the 40tys and since. the reason we all own jeeps, they go in the snow and freezing rain. my new jeep has had many recalls starting from day one when it was new. we got a rental for a few days while it was repaired. no one knows more about jeeps than me, drove them in the military, and still do. but they are made on the cheap nowdays. it wpuldnt take much to tweak the jeep and make it one of the best cars in the world. greed and lack of public input now rule the auto world.

2007 Jeep Liberty

Guess I will buy the Honda CRV

2007-09-20 06:01:48

Thank you for all the honest reviews/feedback on the Liberty. I WILL DEFINITLY NOT BUY ONE. It was down to the Honda CRV and the Liberty. Your feedback helped me not make a huge mistake. Thank you and I'm truly sorry for your headaches. I'm off to the Honda dealer.

Best Wishes

Renee, Denver, Colorado

2007 Jeep Liberty

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