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4.5 out of 5

I suggest a full read

2009-11-06 01:14:52

Cons and Pros of my jeep compass. I suggest a full read before you buy or lease one even though it is long. Cons. The first four months I had the Compass the battery kept dyeing. I had to call road service several times for a charge. According to Chrysler a loaner car does not have to be given if I didn't lease it from the dealership where it was being worked on. I brought it into a Chrysler/Jeep dealership that discovered that was closer to my home. It took them three days to find the problem. The battery was not installed properly at the plant. I had to pay for a rental car out of pocket. The lighting inside the compass is terrible. It has two map lights in the front and small light in the cargo area. Its dark in the rear passenger area... suggestion get a flashlight. The interior looks and feels cheep. The arm rest on the door is way to narrow and Its impossible to use the arm rest between the seats its not positioned correctly and lacks padding. The glove compartment is tiny. There is not enough room to stretch out my left leg when I'm driving. the design of the steering wheel obstructs my view of the instrument panel so I cant adjust it. I find this is a major problem my arms get tired holding them at a very uncomfortable angle. The back windshield wiper makes a lot of noise, I was told they all sound like that AND if you want to open the back windows without opening the front your eardrums feel like their blowing out. Pros.. I recently had a spinal fusion and Its very easy to get in and out of the Compass. My seat is fabric and is very comfortable. It has adequate acceleration. It takes turns smoothly, handles curvy roads well. The is excellent. It has plenty of head room and gets great gas mileage. The side mirrors are large and give a good view of the road on both sides of the Compass. I love the rear split seats they fold and open very easily, they are very comfortable and provide enough leg room for my 6' 4" son

2007 Jeep Compass

Best New Vehicle I've Purchased

2009-02-09 08:01:13

I've owned a bunch of vehicles since 1960's and can't say enough about this 4X4. Performs extremely well on ice, snow, rain etc. Fuel economy good and comfort etc. very good still with suprising pep. Chrysler...you got it together. Only problem was failed brake light switch in 15 months. Performs better than any of the foreigh vehicles I've owned.

2007 Jeep Compass

What tires can I change to to cut out road noise.

2008-07-03 09:35:26

Purchased my Compass March, 2007. Have driven over 39,000 miles as of July 4th, 2008.Had other Jeeps before. Compass good car in snow (4x4) and once you get car up to 55 to 70 mph on major hwy. My major problem has been tire noise and lack of pick up with "big 4cyl engine". Trying to enjoy great sound system is difficult with road noise from tires, or when my wife is on her cell phone, she can't hear person talking/messages. Have added roof rack and bike rack on car.Long trips extremely comfortable for me and my wife.

2007 Jeep Compass

Small but Great

2007-10-08 12:52:00

I purchased my Compass in July and love it. It might be small but it has great get up and go. Gas wise-great. We have a Jeep Liberty and is a gusher on gas. I have problems with my knees but the adjustable height on the seat makes it easy for me to get on and off. I have received many compliments on this vehicle. I love the ride compared to the Liberty. There are two other persons where I work that have now bought a compass. My kids now all are driving and have their own vehicles.

2007 Jeep Compass

Awesome Vehicle

2007-09-25 10:59:00

I bought this car at age 19. It was only purchased because I could not afford much and my previoous car was costing too much to maintain. I purchased the Jeep Compass in August 2006 and have had it for over a year now. I must say I am thrilled with it. The initial acceleration leaves a little to be desired, but once you are moving it accelerates fine. The handling is superb and braking is great as well. The optional Bose sound system is a must for any late teen - early twenty male. The accesories are nice as well (flashlight, A/C plug, removable cargo floor). My only complaint is that the back seats could be a little more comfortable, they tend to feel slightly stiff. However the front seats are comfortable and the whole vehicle gives you plenty of room.

The fuel mileage for me has ranged from 18-22 city, which is very good for a crossover SUV. On the highway its been between 25-30. I can't complain with that.

As I said, I am a twenty year old male college student. I love this vehicle. It is a lot of fun to drive. I would definately reccomend this to anyone, including families.

2007 Jeep Compass

The Liberty Is Much Better

2007-09-25 09:06:39

I purchased the Compass the early part of this year and was not very happy. I previously owned a 2003 Jeep Liberty 4X4 Renegade that had all the bells ands whistles. I purchased the Compass because of gas mileage but as I look back I think I would rather by paying more for gas and still have the comfort, and styling of my Liberty. The compass sits too low to the ground, the floorboard is too low. If I drop something on the ground our put something on the floor behind the seat I can not just reach back and pick it up. I literally have to pull over, put the car in park and reach for the item. The plastic interior is awful. Also, the brakes squeak.

The pluses are the Compass does have get up and go which the Liberty did not, of course better gas mileage, the fold down passenger side seat, and more space in the cargo area. I am waiting until I have sunk a little more into the payments and I am either going back to the Liberty or some other type of SUV. I am counting the days until I bid farewell to the Compass.

2007 Jeep Compass

Compass takes you in the right direction

2007-09-19 11:36:44

I couldn't be happier with my Compass. The 4 cylinder has get up and go, even with the A/C on full blast. The gas mileage can't be beat either. I like the extras: seat height adjustment, programmable garage door opener button, various displays for tire pressure, miles till empty , average MPG, outside temperature, 110 outlet, rear view mirror automatic light adjustment so you don't get blinded by the person behind you with their brights on. Incredible price too. They just announced the lifetime powertrain warranty program which is an added benefit. Get while the getting's good!

2007 Jeep Compass


2007-09-19 02:05:27

I purchesed my compass in mid Nov of last year.After many, many trips to dealers looking for an SUV I finally decieded on the compass. Believe me, living in NE Pa. my compass performed GREAT in the 3 big snow storms we had last year using the 4x4 system. I get great mileage also ( 24 mpg in the city ) Only thing I don't like about it is the get-up-and go from a traffic light or stop sign. It would be great if it came in a 6 cylinder but at gas prices of today I'll be satisfied with my little 4 cylinder.Only had 1 recall on it so far compared to alot of the other SUV's out there. I'm starting to see alot more compasses on the road so that says something about them.

2007 Jeep Compass

Gutsy Gas Sipper

2007-09-16 12:02:45

We have really enjoyed this Jeep for over 11,000 miles in 10 months under all driving conditions, including deep snow when other 4 wheelers were in the ditch. It is particularly satisfying when we notice the gas mileage.

2007 Jeep Compass

2007 Jeef Owner

2007-09-16 11:33:00

I bought my 2007 Jeep Compass in April 2007. Since then, I've relocated and traveled over 1000 miles in my Compass. Although the wind noise is a bit of an adjustment (one that I'm told comes with having a JEEP)-- I love my car!! Gas milage has been good (even while in 4WD). The best part of the car is the price!!

2007 Jeep Compass

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