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Who Doesn't Like an XJ8

2007-08-20 09:53:32

As an owner of an 07 XJ I enjoy anywhere from 28-34 miles per gallon,a ride that is as good as any out there,pep and power,all the emenities of anyother luxury car and one more thing-class and style that make this a standout vehicle.So why is the motoring press so against this vehicle? Is it not "sexy enough" for a few editors who think the world revolves around only their minds? This car has always been my dream car and now that it is "my turn" my wife and I could not be more thrilled to be driving it. The car is actually a "good value " in that what would be options on other luxury models are standard on this one. The quality is clearly in this car as it is the fourth or fifth(08) year of production,so that as the old saying goes all the negatives have been engineered out of it.Does it corner,have all kinds of safety features,wood trim,hands free phone,sound system,all kinds of "automatic features" you bet it does. Does the auto press give it any mention-NO. Lastly the car comes with all kinds of awards for having the least problems of it's type of car and a service/dealership that reflects the type of customer who would purchase such a car.

2007 Jaguar XJ

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