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Review of 2007 Honda Pilot

apr5294 2009-08-24 18:00:00

Overall a very good car, drives very well, but overpriced and not great gas mileage

2007 Honda Pilot

My 2006 Pilot

tztw0s9zusr 2008-10-19 23:48:12

Purchased the Pilot in 2006 had a few minor issues , first was brake backing plate rubbing(easy fix)left seat belt may rub and tear leather,Anyway very minor details as I oversee a government fleet.Drove the Pilot to New Mexico within a week and once in a steady state speed with cruise control got 30 mpg very impressive, in city around 17-21 mpg.Could use a little better active noise cancellation,but I just love the Pilot. I had 3 Honda Accords before but needed room for music stuff etc. You won't be disappointed. Handle excellent. I understand the 2009 has the estimated range for fuel.Great Vehicle John Mills Ontario California,Great Service from Dealer Penske Honda off Jurupa and 15 freeway.

2007 Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot

2008-01-26 12:32:38

I have owned big three SUVs, and the Pilot, by far, is the best in quality of workmanship and dependability. However, the best part is the resale value after five years. Check for yourself, take a test drive and you won't be disappointed!

2007 Honda Pilot

Excellent Vehicle

2007-11-02 05:24:21

I purchased my Pilot in July and I have to say its been one of the best automobile purchases yet. I went from an 2005 Accord to my first SUV and not only does it have all the bells and whistles, but an amazing ride and excellent crash safety rating. Lots of space and decent gas mileage for its size.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone with small children and pets as it is a very functional automobile.

2007 Honda Pilot


2007-10-16 06:56:40

This is the best vehicle i have ever driven. It handles the road like a dream, is comfortable, driver friendly, and is as fun as a SUV can be.

The back up camera ROCKS!!!

2007 Honda Pilot


2007-10-12 02:23:00

I owned a Mercury Mountaineer before my Pilot and liked it a lot. I am very happy with my new car (Pilot) and have nothing negative to say about it. It is comfortable, safe, has a great navigation system and is overall a very reliable vehicle. It lacks two things the Mountaineer had, keyless entry and a standard rear sensor warning. The trade-off is that the Honda was about $5000 cheaper than the Mercury. Only drawback to the Pilot is that it is somewhat ugly!!

2007 Honda Pilot

Our 2006 Pilot.

2007-09-14 04:19:00

Our first Pilot was a 2004. My husband was hit and ended up totaling it when it was 2 years old. He walked away from the accident with what could be considered minor injuries. The car rolled and the driver's area was the one side that had no damage to it. So... we went out and got the exact same car-- only the 2006. It is now my car ( finally got rid of the minivan) and I really really like it. Love the DVD system- the 2006 is better than the 2004 system- bigger screen. The XM radio is a nice touch, along with the compass and 6 CD player. Added in 2005 was the sunroof- which is also a favorite of mine. What would I do to improve the car- not much. But I would like to see Honda put the nav system and the rear entertainment system in the same car. I would like to see day time running lights or automatic lights on the car- big safety feature. I miss the automatic locking doors- another safety feature liked especially by women. Also a jack for an IPOD would be nice to have- though reading the paperwork, I can remove the radio and attach a cable to run my IPOD. This car's improve safety features include the stablizer system and the side curtain airbags- a new feature for the 2006 vs the 2004. I plan to keep this car for quite some time--- unless Honda takes me up on my wish list and adds all the items I listed. I enjoy driving this car and judging from the amount of Honda Pilots I see in the school lots- so do all the other Moms in my neighborhood. But I will say this--- We can not fit 8 people in this car--- 4 of 6 of us are over 5 foot 9--- especially when kids are still in booster seats. When the little guys are bigger- will we be able to fit 3 comfortably across the back? Doubtful. But I love my car!!!!

2007 Honda Pilot

honda pilot

2007-09-10 03:47:52

every tall person in the world should buy this vehicle..it has nearly 2" more headroom than its closest competitors.

with the windshields becoming more horizontal because of gvt. fuel standards, head room has disappeared.

in additon, the view out of the windshield is vastly superior to any other vehicle.

i had to drive a 1993 caddy forever because of the interior room..those days are over.

thank you honda..dont change a thing..

2007 Honda Pilot


2007-09-09 01:20:43

I traded my 2004 CR-V for the Pilot mainly to get the increased passenger space. I have three children who had grown since I bought the CR-V and they all play sports, so there's a lot to haul too. I commute

2007 Honda Pilot

Work horse vehicle

2007-09-08 11:24:39

We bought our Pilot mostly for our role as grandparents. It holds 8 people if the three in the back row seat are under 5 feet tall. I drive it 185 miles every Wednesday for a day with the grandkids. It hauls soccer teams; it goes to piano lessons, to the swimming pool with the neighbor kids, etc. With the seats folded down, it picks up calf feed at the farmer's cooperative. It hauls our ski boat. The luggage rack with the added cross bars holds a pile of luggage when we took a trip with the car full of people. We've named her "Beulah" because she is such a work horse. We are comforted by its safety rating. One suggestion: better air conditioning for the far rear seat. When we want quiet, luxury, and romance, we drive our Cadillac.

2007 Honda Pilot

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