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4.0 out of 5

Review of 2007 Honda Odyssey

2010-04-13 22:36:36

I like this van, however within first two years had the tire pressure monitor, front engine mount, power steering reservoir and torque converter replaced and the powertrain control module has been reprogramed several times. Now it is being recalled for brake problems. And let's just say that working with dealers and Honda customer care group has been an interesting experience.

2007 Honda Odyssey

Never again

2009-05-10 15:54:49

Braking problems, sloppy interior trim, road noise, lousy performance and gas milage.

2007 Honda Odyssey

Odyssey Seating

2009-01-14 19:12:50

After owning numerous Chrysler Vans there is no valid comparison. When Chrysler went to stow & go seating it resulted in less seat comfort than a comercial airplane, if I wanted a seat like that I would have stuck to a horse & buggy. Odyssey is pure luxury seating. The engine performance is outstanding as is its brakes. We are very satisfied with this van, in fact so impressed that I now also own a new Honda Ridgeline. It's too bad we can't give it 6 Stars.

2007 Honda Odyssey


2008-12-13 00:11:07

This is my 2nd Odyssey. I bought my first one *********** bought my 2nd one 250,000 miles later in 2007; and the '97 was still running well! The 2007 one is heavier, more comfortable and a much smoother ride. I LOVE IT! Lots of cool storage space and I think I get around 23 MPG and I do a fair amount of highway driving. Lots of room and it's great on a road trip. My next vehicle will probably be another Odyssey in another 10 years.

2007 Honda Odyssey

This is for the gas milage&poor handling critics only

2008-08-04 02:12:47

I drive a 2003 yukon xl denali and a 740il...I am on number three and number four respectfully...so I have gas and handling covered.....try $128.00 a day FOR GAS on for size zippy. I drive 408 miles per day just ask the IRS. I FIRST HATED the Odyssey...now I can't wait to buy a 2009. Per Richard Schnitcel, I butchered his name....service mgr at HUEY'S Honda in St. Louis..I kept 37 lbs in my Michlein PAX TIRES...DON'T BOTHER Looking them up the ex version does not have them and you have no clue either...Pax tires are heavier and wider and have their own special wider rim....Peter Huey, owner told me they handle better....he did not lie...I had good tread on them at 58,000 miles...when I replaced them..The handling on country roads rivals the BMW and the cubic ft storage...147 vs.138 is shockingly better than the Denali...Hey GM...NICE CUPHOLDERS IN THE DENALI XL...go spend 55k on cupholders that are in the way...and do not work...nice going to the GM DESIGN TEAM....not!!!...Also the FOLDING SECOND ROW SEATS TAKE AWAY TOO much room in the XL....In the end ..do not talk to me about poor handling..you have no clue....try taking on KC mousetrap at 1am after driving from Aspen....go thru a divorce and see if you have any cash left to spend on a hotel room BEFORE YOU TELL ME TO STOP FOR THE NITE.I think the Honda handles great...and $60.00 beats $120 something everytime..plus more room...I hated the Honda at first but now have come to love it...Everyday I fid a new little jewel I like...

2007 Honda Odyssey


2008-07-14 15:36:19

If anyone can get more than 20 mpg please let me know the secret. Bought new in Sept. 2007. Best Fuel economy has been 20 mpg and that is rare. Tried K and N air filter, 0w-20 Mobil one oil, 55 mph on hwy, and fuel economy still is horrible. Fit and finish of interior plastics is well below par for Honda. Great ride, but sucks gas.

2007 Honda Odyssey

excellent minivan

2007-12-23 14:57:08

great inside lighting, excellent handling in snow and on ice, true to its gas milage rating and some, huge inside

2007 Honda Odyssey

Misleading Sales and Advertisement Tactics!!!

2007-10-31 13:34:13

I recently purchased a 2007 Honda Odyssey. To my surprize the well advertized mileage per gallon of 19 City and 28 Miles highway is perturbing. I found out that that I cannot even get 11 miles to a gallon for combine city and hwy driving.

I went back to the dealership today 10/31/07 and asked why my brand new Odyssey was not getting the good mileage per gallon.The answer was, the Cars were tested in a controlled environment at the factory and acknowledge that they knew it can't get the advertized mileage to a gallon. They have to sell the car with what it says on the sticker, a misleading info, which says 19mile city and 28 miles hwy driving.Disgusting and deceptive at best..!!! I am frustrated.

2007 Honda Odyssey

Best Buy for the Buck

2007-10-19 15:08:26

The Odyssey quality fit, form and function is beyond reproach. The fuel consumption is very satisfactory after the break in oil is changed out. The Michelin tires are this vans only drawback and that drawback is significant. THE FEELING OF INSECURITY EVEN IN A BANKED CURVE IS REMARKABLE. This is the function of the Michelin tire not the Honda suspension.

The factory supplied Michelin Energy tires simply lean over much more than expected on a banked interstate ramp taken at 45 MPH posted speed limit, You feel as if you have just lost control. The tire can actually take another 20 MPH but you would imagine that at the rate of lean you are experiencing.

Try getting the dealer to provde the proper size GoodYear tires for the Odyssey. They are rated higher than the Michelins and are not as frightening. I am an NHRA Drag Race owner/Driver. I recommend the Honda Odyssey but not the factory chosen Michelin Energy tires.

2007 Honda Odyssey

I'll stick with Honda

2007-10-16 13:02:36

I traded in a 2004 Nissan Quest for the 2007 Honda

Odyssey. The Nissan looked great, but we had a lot of

problems with it. We have always owned Hondas - mainly Accords (my husband drives one) and I will stick with them from now on. By far a much better ride and much more reliable. People who rode in the back of the Nissan always seemed to get car sick. Not so in the Honda. Also, the Odyssey has a much better turning radius, which I found surprising. I love my Odyssey!

2007 Honda Odyssey

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