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kane14az 2009-10-04 22:30:55

Our Honda we bought used 07 in 08 with 5400 miles and my wife and I are very happy . This may not be the car for everyone but gas mileage 24 to 25 miles per gallon ok power easy care. So you might want to take alook at the Element!!!!!

2007 Honda Element

Honda Element SC 2007

AOL user 2009-07-07 12:05:40

I bought this car after driving all types of cars as I own an auto repair shop in Malibu, CA.this car is built in the USA and 70% of the parts are built here Its a true American car, un-like most so called american cars that are really built in Mexico or Canada or some other country, look on your door tag you may be superized! Its so comfortable to get in and out of and I am sure it may have saved my life twice,due to the stability control,the SC has way more lip stick and roushe I don't now how to spell that word sorry,I came out of beautiful 86, F-350 4x4 turbo custom diesel truck, I still have it, I have not needed the truck this car hauls all I have needed lately. Great Car Love it look forward to driving it every night when I go home. It also has XM radio and a nice bumper sudwoofer sound system. Hope it helps in your car purchase, if not get a Ford There really great to. accept the new diesel its not good after 140,000 miles most people buy a diesel to last a long time these don,t.Also please don,t buy a German car these cars have major problems in the elecrical systems NOT KIDDING! Thank you for reading my review Kelly

2007 Honda Element

Review of 2007 Honda Element

Miltydog 2008-12-14 22:28:27

2007 Honda Element


2007-11-02 07:26:42

This is the best car I've ever owed, I'm 6'4" and it has all the headroom of a Rover, I call it my little Rover for 40K less, the dogs love it.

2007 Honda Element

Good Choice for my family

2007-07-28 09:53:56

I just purchased my 2007 Element 4wd. The gass mileage is great for an SUV, and I like the roominess of the vehicle. I purchased it specifically because I would have 2 kids going off to school within the next 2 years, and needed a vehicle that I could load them up and move them, with relative ease. The Element is so versatile with its seating options.

2007 Honda Element

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