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4.5 out of 5

my H3 in NY

terrybrandt06 2009-04-08 21:45:12

My husband suprised me with this truck and I couldnt be happier. I love it!!!! he replaced my Mercedes ML430 that started to make me cranky. the H3 has the off road and the luxury package, sweet! I feel so safe in it plus it turns on a dime, serious. I love it, love it, love it!


Viewing Wildlife

tztw0s9zusr 2009-01-26 12:08:09

My Hummer takes me on the back roads of Camp Pendleton meant for armored tracked military vehicles, Vandenberg AFB, and Anza Borrego Wilderness Area. I have traversed roads, rivers, mudholes, ruts and rescued other vehicles(Non-Hummers) on wild pig hunts and was able to access areas other outdoorsman could not access. My Hummer has never let me down nor gotten stuck.



ELLISJOHN792 2008-12-11 09:55:36

I have owned Corvettes (2), Jeep Wrangler's (3), Nissan Z's (5), and various other vehicles (15+). And, with the Off-Road Adventure Package (over-sized wheels and tires, heavy-duty suspension, ultra-low gear ratio, and locking differential) plus a 9,000 pound-pull vehicle-extraction winch, the 2007 H3 SUV Hummer is the best of the lot. I used to race Jeep Wranglers as well as Dirt-Bike Motorcycles. So, I know my way around the off-road scene and while the 4,000 pound H3 is not going to be able to match a full-race Jeep Rubican it is the next most capable off-road adventure vehicle while also being a wonderful road car. Also, the Hummer Dealer (Reeves Import Motorcars of Tampa, Florida) is absolutely top-notch. Therefore, kudos to General Motors for building the H3 SUV Hummer and the venerable Chevrolet Corvette which if for no other reason should give GM the right to continue to operate as American's best car-manufacturing company.


Hummer Dependability

2007-10-16 01:48:52

I purchased this H-3 last November, and it is the most reliable and well-built vehicle I've ever owned. It has close to 15,000 miles on it and I've had no problems with it. Not a rattle, squeak or loose screw. It handles well and is as comfortable as can be for such a vehicle. I've owned Ford's for most of my life and I could never say that about any of them. This is definitely the best vehicle I've ever owned, bar none. The gas mileage is not bad, either. If you are considering an H-3, do it, you won't regret it.

2007 Hummer H3 SUV


2007-10-10 11:50:14

I purchased a Hummer H3 9 months ago because it seemed to be the perfect vehicle for a large (tall) man. I have been terribly dissapointed in the quality & durability of this vehicle. After 6 months of ownership I started having mechanical problems. Visibility is poor and the smaller windows make for an accident waiting to happen. There are many blind spots on the vehicle where using mirrors do not help. The driver and passanger side seats are very comfortable and give a smooth ride but the second seats are uncomfortable in long rides. The side airbags only protect the driver and front passenger. Is all the Hummer hype worth the price of this vehicle?

2007 Hummer H3 SUV

Hummer H3 is a great truck

2007-09-07 08:01:32

I have owned my 2007 Hummer H3 for 2 months now. Great quality. No problems. GM did a great job with the H3. Although it is currently the smallest Hummer, it is not a small truck.

My Boulder Gray H3 is the Base model with the new Tactical Pkg - no chrome; all trim is black or gray, including the brush guard, wheels and side steps. The grill is also body-color, instead of chrome. I have the auto transmission, sun roof, tow pkg and XM radio.

This is a purpose-built truck. It is heavy duty and meant to tackle off-road with ease. The on-road ride is stiff, but I expected this from a true truck with it's off-road credentials. The stiff suspension lessens body lean in turns and improves handling in on-road conditions.

The 3.7 inline 5-cyl. is a nice engine. The power is good. The H3 is not a fast truck, but it is not slow either. Even with the new V-8 it probably won't be a rocket. The H3's gearing is slanted toward off-road performance, not on-road quickness. I don't mind that the H3 is not a speed wagon, that's not why I bought it.

The interior is very nice and not overdone. Nice instrument panel and dash. Seats are supportive (I have the manual seats). Standard radio/CD is pretty good. Standard On Star + hands-free cell phone is nice. I wasn't sure I wanted it as standard, but now I think its a good feature.

The only negatives are minor:

1. Vision out of the rear window is fair (side mirrors are definitely used)

2. Rear seats do not fold completely flat. This would increase cargo space some if they did.

3. The larger tires (P285's) should have been standard with the Tactical Pkg (they're not even optional). They only come with the Adventure Pkg.

Otherwise, this is a great truck. Fantastic styling, great quality and tough. I also considered the Toyoya FJ Cruiser. It wasn't bad, but the Hummer's 4 real doors & better styling swayed me to the H3. But, test drive one first to make sure it is the right vehicle for you

2007 Hummer H3 SUV

Great 4X4!

2007-09-04 07:18:00

More refined than Wrangler, better offroad than a Grand Cherokee.

Hummer H3 is a cool vehicle. Jeep like looks and performance but nice enough inside I can take clients out for lunch. They love riding in it!

2007 Hummer H3 SUV

It's a HUMMER, what more could you want?

2007-09-03 05:12:01

I bought a 2007 H3 not knowing what to expect from a 5CYL Engine but after owning this vehicle for a few months I can honestly say I'm impressed. While it's not a speed wagon it does have as much power as you need for normal highway driving. Off road, equipped with the adventure package, this vehicle is unequaled by any other 4x4 with the exception of a Rubicon Wrangler. But since the Wrangler is in a whole different class it's comparing Oranges to Apples. Both are excellent off road vehicles and worthy of praise in their own respective classes.

The 4:1 low-range transfer case in the H3 is unmatched by any vehicle in it's class. Underneath, the frame is boxed and solid as a tank with the rest of the under vehicle componets being equally heavy duty. Of course this translates to weight but weight is a good thing sometimes.

As you can tell by my name I've always been a Jeep fan but the Commander and the Grand Cherokee pale in comparrison to the H3. When you stop and think about it HUMMER and Jeep share the same lineage back to AMC anyway so call them tough cousins!

2007 Hummer H3 SUV

Review of 2007 Hummer H3 SUV

2007-08-09 06:31:24


2007 Hummer H3 SUV

Review of 2007 Hummer H3 SUV

2007-07-26 04:55:37

2007 Hummer H3 SUV

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