2007 HUMMER H2 SUT Reviews

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3.0 out of 5

The best vehicle I've driven all around, COMFORT AND SAFETY FIRST

drv1ulsee 2009-05-03 05:53:14

This is my second H2,(my other vehicle is an H1),and I chose this over the Escalade. I don't drive a lot,(only 2900 miles in 5 months), and I wouldn't put my self or my family in a Toyota or Honda tin can if my life depended on it. Guaranteed the other sap that reviewed the H2 is nothing but a jealous HATER and doesn't even own one. Never even drove an H2. Probably drives a Prius 100 plus mile per day and has no clue what the real environmental impact is in both the production and disposal of that BATTERY POWERED car. Anyway, be an individual, not a sheep. Drive a Hummer!! Or what ever you choose to drive. This is still America.



AOL user 2008-07-14 13:43:32

Only a selfish self centered pompous ass would purchase this vehicle at a time when we as a nation need to reduce fuel consumption in an attempt to drive down these artificial prices.


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