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4.5 out of 5

Love my Focus

nicky0472 2010-01-04 01:46:50

I have close to 40,000 miles on my Focus right now. I love my car. I have had no problems that were not taken care of. My alternator went out, once but it was quickly and well taken care of one year ago. my car still feels and drives like I took it off the lot.

2007 Ford Focus

Great car

Data2team 2009-02-03 11:09:19

I have had a 1998 Ford Explorer for the past 11 years. No problem with it. I just traded it in and purchased a 2007 Ford Focus. I didnt think I could get use to a smaller car, but this one is an exception. It is so easy to handle, lots of "Pep", easy to see vehicles coming up on your side.. And now, I just past gas stations and wave! Love it....

2007 Ford Focus

07 Focus

Blassingame68 2008-11-24 09:38:52

I have an 07 focus that need tires at 15,000 miles. I took my car to the dealership and I was told I would get a call in 4 days. NOTHING WAS DONE. I contacted customer service on this and there were no records of this.I was told by customer service I would receive a call in 4 days once agan. I was not! I WILL NOT BUY ANOTHER FORD! MY CHILDREN WILL NOT BUY A FORD! I WILL INSTRUCT MY FAMILY MEMBERS AND FRIENDS NOT TO BUY A FORD! Dissatisfied Customer Alden Blassingame

2007 Ford Focus

Fun to drive

2007-12-13 09:42:34

I have the 2007 I love it. 28 MPG handles like a charm.Stops on a dime....

2007 Ford Focus

Focus, what a ride

2007-11-06 01:47:10

Just bought the 2007 Ford Focus, trading in my gas guzzling Jeep Liberty. I have a 112 round trip commute to work. This car is fantastic. THe interior is great quality, the ride is quiet and I'm not as beat up as I was in the Jeep taking every pot hole in OK like I was off roading. I highly recommend anyone take a closer look at this car. It's a sleeper among the compacts, but worth looking at. Look out Toyota and Honda!!!

2007 Ford Focus

Review of 2007 Ford Focus

2007-10-28 12:03:02


1. Ford

2. Interior quality

3. Dash board lighting

4. Smooth Drive, if you do not need acceleration.


1.Interior needs to be sturdy, we will be going second time to the dealer in four months, for minor troubles.

2.Does not seem to have the power for a 2.0 liter engine.

3.Engine started becoming noisy, perhapse difficulty in transmission.

4. Not Fuel economic as claimed.

2007 Ford Focus

I fell in love with my Focus.

2007-10-13 08:39:23

oAt first, I wasn't sure about this car. I own a four door SE. I went to the dealership to buy a Ranger, but the payments were outrageous. So I "settled" for the Focus, it was a 2007 leftover and the dealership had such great rebate offers and discounts that it was a smart choice. I’m really glad that I bought this car.

Some of the color options are horrible, the car I test drove was an aquamarine blue, and I've seen awful orange and green colors floating around. The car I bought is a nice, deep burgundy red. I like the chrome around the grill, and my car has nice alloy rims. The inside is extremely comfortable, and is incredibly roomy despite the car being so small. After I bought the car, I continued finding little perks, like the cup holders in the door and the small box under the steering wheel which holds cds. The middle console is roomy enough to fit a purse under the armrest.

I get awesome gas mileage when I do a lot of highway driving, but driving in the city or in traffic seems to really affect my mpg although it is still good (25-28mgh city/32-40 highway).

On the highway, the car rides smooth, however, it is harder to handle on the highway and there is no play in the steering. If you take one hand off the wheel at all, the car will jerk or sway.

The car accelerates decently; the engine isn’t horribly loud like others have been saying. It’s very smooth, and does great on hills and curves and drives up mountains like a champ when I visit the in-laws.

I really have fallen for this car. It was a good choice for me, being the first new car I bought. The car was affordable, the payments are do-able, and I opted for the extended warranty. Ford also includes a year of roadside assistance and most dealership will take care of the first year of maintenance. It’s a great car for first time buyers, small families or singles, people wishing to downgrade, and people with small budgets or bad credit (since the car is so affordable, most people can get approved for this loan). It doesn’t have a huge amount of options or perks, but you get a really great car for the price. Plus, it’s a Ford!

2007 Ford Focus

Horrible Car

2007-10-11 04:42:19

Just rented one while our car is in the shop. Both my wife and I hate this car. Cheap, plastic interior, noisy ride, cheap plastic hub caps, cup holders on the floor (brilliant!), and awful headlights. Pass on this and go for the lower priced Hondas or toyotas.

2007 Ford Focus

Very happy with my Focus

2007-10-09 08:07:31

I have driven Ford for years but this is my first Focus. One of the things I like about the exterior styling is that it is different from what seems to be the standard body shape of other cars in this size group. I think Focus has always been one of those cars that are a lot bigger on the inside then it looks like it should be from the outside.

My wife has a 2003 Toyota Carola and am happy to say that my 2.0 ltr does have more peep then her 1.8 ltr and although I haven't the nerve to try it, I bet it would be able to get real close to the 140 mph on the speedomoter.

Another reason I chose the Focus is for the driver leg room for long road trips and it has a pretty large trunk for a compact. I don't have a problem with the seat belts others seem to be having but my one interior complaint is that the head rest is angeled just alittle to far forward to be compfortable when setting back and upright in the seat. I find my head rests against the head rest and even slightly pushed forward.

As far as "imports" being better built and lasting longer the "domestic". I think that is just a 20 to 30 year old stigmatisum. Alot of people don't realize how many Hondas, Toyotas and Nissans are built in the US. Nor do they realize how many parts are made by venders that sell them to GM, Ford, Honda, Dodge, VW etc. so many parts are interchangable. Do I think I will get well over a 100,000 out of my Focus? Yes, I do.

There is alot more to this little car then meets the eye.

2007 Ford Focus

Focus ZX3 Hatchback

2007-10-06 11:55:56

I have had this car for almost a year with 18,ooo miles on it. I unfortunately hit a deer two weeks ago and I was amazed at how a small car handled such an impact at 65-70 mph!! This is the second Focus I have had and even though I liked my 2002 SE 4dr better my husband wanted the "sportier" model. We have taken this car on a 1300 mi road trip with two dogs and enjoyed the whole trip and got excellent gas mileage, around 40mpg. I love that the rear seats fold down completely, the little storage compartment on the drivers side, and overall comfort of the car. My only cons are the seatbelts, no keyless entry, and the visors.

2007 Ford Focus

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