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4.5 out of 5

Review of 2007 Ford F-150

samsworld5 2009-04-16 19:15:42

This F150 is like a luxury car. Smooth ride, quiet, handles great, with all the toys you need. It gets 15 in town driving with is pretty good for the large Triton v8. Performance is great, lots of horse power. Have had no problems at all other than the cruise control stopped working last year. Ford fixed it with-in an hour. Quality is great, better than any other car/truck I have ever owned. Love to drive it. I'm like a kid with his first car, love getting behind the wheel. If you have never driven a F150, you need to try it out!

2007 Ford F-150

My First F-150

AOL user 2009-01-22 14:51:01

After returning from a long deployment, i had my heart set on a truck. I've checked online for different makes and models but didn't want to pay the prices they were offering. I went for the pre-owned route. I purchased an '07 XLT Supercab at a local ford dealership that had extremely low miles, and an offer I couldn't refuse. With a 5.4 V8, its mpg is about advertised: mixed 13 city 16 hwy(18-20 all hwy, which would come in handy for long road trips). Other than that, I'm completely satisfied so far. The interior has ample enough room inside that even my 5'8" teenager has no complaints. The turning raduis took a little getting used to, considering I've been driving compacts and mid-sized SUVs for quite some time(what did I expect from a s/cab w/ a 6.5 ft. bed?). I would recommend this truck.

2007 Ford F-150

Not to Bad

AOL user 2008-12-26 18:17:24

I was quite happy with my 2007 Ford F-150 until last week when the neighbor came home with a new 2009 Dodge 1500. He took me out for a test drive. I couldn't believe the power of that Hemi and the ride was like a luxury car. I have now got an order in for a Dodge good bye Ford, so long, see ya.

2007 Ford F-150

Great Truck

2008-03-30 10:06:05

I drive all ove the state in all kind of conditions, This truck dose all you need it to do and more.

2007 Ford F-150

07 F150

2008-01-30 09:02:01

I love my truck.It has all the power and confort I need.

2007 Ford F-150

2007 xl f-150 pile of shit

2007-11-07 10:09:40

We have had problems with fuel mpg from the 800 mile point and have complained many times,the dealer we bought it from screwed us the nite we signed the papers and hasn't stopped since. We have paper trail to prove fuel problem, Be very happy if you get 12 or 13 mpg overall with this truck, fords fuel ranges are way off,as per ford dealer new truck using a qt of oil every 1500 miles is within ford spec's,800 miles on diesel trucks. FORD TRUCKS SUCK

2007 Ford F-150

2007 Lariat 4-wheel Crew Cab

2007-11-01 02:05:10

I normally buy a new truck every year. I was buying mostly Chevy's and an occasional Dodge or Ford up until 2002. Since '02 I have been really impressed with Ford F-series trucks. I have bought 8 Ford pickups, an Escape, an Explorer, an Expedition, and 2 Ford cars since 2002 and they have all been excellent vehicles. I will test drive all the vehicles that appear interesting the next time I need a new one but I almost bet I will buy another Ford.

2007 Ford F-150

This is my second F150

2007-10-15 08:00:23

I will never buy another Ford product. I thought the first 2002 F150 was just a Friday built car, so I sold it, and bought a 2005. I sued Ford over it, under the lemon law. We settled out of court. They were not kidding when they said Ford backwards is Driver Returned On Foot.

2007 Ford F-150

2007 Supercrew

2007-10-11 02:59:26

This is my second, and will be the last F-150 I purchase. My first was a 2001 regular cab which I used on the farm so I was not overly concerned about comfort. My 2007 is used as a family vehicle and has been a major disappointment. There is considerable wind and road noise, the seats are very uncomfortable, and the gas mileage does not even come close to the advertised values.

2007 Ford F-150

Review of 2007 Ford F-150

2007-09-15 01:45:56


2007 Ford F-150

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