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2007-12-13 04:17:00

2007 Ford Escape Hybrid

Not the greatest vehicle

2007-09-19 04:31:50

I'm a Mom of three girls - all under 16. I either travel around 45 MPH or 65-70 MPH and go an average of 50 miles per day. This summer, my average MPG has been something like 27.4, but that's "finessing it" (I used to average 24 in my 2002 van without having to work at it.) You may say that 27.4 MPG is better than the alternatives, but it was advertised at 36 MPG "city." Even in the weeks where I didn't use the highway

Now, let's talk about highway miles. If you are running at 55 MPH, on relatively flat terrain and with an empty vehicle, you might get the advertised 31 MPG. When you put four people, luggage for a summer week (not using the roof rack), part of the driving is on relatively flat terrain and you keep your average speed is between 60-65 MPH, you will still get something less than 27 MPG. I get between 20.8-28 MPG in the Escape doing between 65-75 MPH while I could get between 26-28 MPG in my 2002 van.

The absolute BEST gas mileage I've gotten in this car was 32.1 MPG of suburban/highway driving, but after having gone 25 miles past "0 miles to empty." Best highway mileage was 30.4 MPG, but I was drafting off of 18 wheelers like crazy and we were mostly heading downhill on that part of the trip.

Overall, I'm not the craziest about this vehicle. There are five of us total in our family. If we take a weekend trip, we can fairly easily get everything we need onboard. Otherwise, Dad has to fly and meet us. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a minivan and I had to buy and install bins and things to hold all the stuff that my minivan had cubbies for, but with gas prices the way they are, the higher cost of other brands of hybrids and the great deal we got on this Escape Hybrid, I think I'll keep this one for a while.

2007 Ford Escape Hybrid

My Ford Escape Hybrid

2007-09-08 01:43:46

I love my Escape Hybrid. I purchased it in May of 2007 so I could lower my gasoline bill. Did it!!?? I went from a Ford F150 4x4 to my Escape Hybrid, and I went from a $600 a month bill $150. I love being able to carry 5 people, and still have room for things in the cargo area. I really enjoy the navigation feature and the screen that tells me what my current gas milage is. I tend to average 26 -28mpg on my combination drive of half freeway, half side streets of my 17 mile commute each way. One time, when traffic was really bad, I actually averaged 42mpg. I enjoy being able to zip around town, and not worry about gas. When I decided to buy a new car, gas milage was only one thing I considered, I also needed it to have space for a family. My husband and I are starting a family, and we knew that we would grow out of a "car" too fast, and with the weekend activities we like to do, we needed cargo space as well. This fits the bill perfectly! And, we like that we are helping the enviornment and saving on our gas bill every month.

2007 Ford Escape Hybrid

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