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Good and not so good stuff

2007-08-09 08:00:54

This van is an aquired taste. If you get one, plan to get a lot of stares from other drivers and pedestrians as you lumber by. I'm not saying it's slow (off the line the turbo-six diesel can hold its own) but the 2007 Sprinter looks different from just about anything else on the road. Parking it is easier than my old Chevy express (unless you try to get into a parking garage) but the ride is more truck-like, probably due to the 80 pounds of pressure in the truck tires. Access to the cargo bay is good, but I miss the drivers side cargo door that my old Express had. I also miss the AWD option. Fuel econiomy has been between 21 and 22 MPG overall, with highs of 24 seen on some roads. The rain-sensor wipers work well, as does the radio, but even with a low roof van like mine, the front-only AC doesn't keep the rear passengers cool (you have to spring for the roof mounted unit). I was hoping to be able to use biodiesel in this vehicle, but for some reason DC only warrantees it for B5 or less, which is really disapointing. I have to admit, though, its kind of cool to be able to look down on Hummers.

2007 Dodge Sprinter Wagon 2500

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