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Review of 2007 Dodge Magnum

2009-10-17 17:43:02

2007 Dodge Magnum

Review of 2007 Dodge Magnum

2007-09-28 10:50:26

This is by far the best car we have ever bought. From the roomy Interior to the sporty exterior, I just can't praise this car enough. We used to have a Grand Jerokee and I thought that I would never go back to a car until I have laid my eyes on our Magnum SXT.

Our entire family loves it, and that does not happen very often with anything.

2007 Dodge Magnum


2007-09-13 10:54:40


Exceptional Smooth Riding, (and this from an ex-Lincoln Town Car Driver) Quick Response, what more can I say.

Only problem so far is with Gas Mileage in traffic, traveling 95 VA/DC Area daily is a Gas Eater.

Still wouldn't give it up, Plus the attention it gets (Great Moral Booster for an Senior Lady ) from IMPRESSED OTHERS both on the Road and in Parking lots people have actually come to me and asked about my Hemi.

Will definately be trading in for 2009 Magnum RT when the time comes.

2007 Dodge Magnum

Dodge Magnum STR8 2007.....

2007-08-31 10:33:13

This is gonna be a mixed review as the car is my favorite I have ever had but dealing with Dodge dealerships as proven to be very trying.

The Positives:

-very good acceleration

-amazing power

-inside roomy/spacious

-mileage is decent given the use of the 6.1 Hemi

-brakes are very good and powerful

-ac works immediately as does the heat

-entertainment system is very good

The Negatives

-the handling is somewhat stiff

-sight lines are bad as there are many blind spots

-power steering went out 3 months into my purchase*

-cd player broke 4 months into my purchase

-car is very low so any bumps,potholes or low driveways will meet your front spoiler very soon

Overall, the car is great but the 3-4 Dodge dealerships I went too(Cerritos,Big Valley,Glendale)have been AWFUL. I bought the car from Cerritos Dodge and when the steering wheel/power steering problem arose the sales manager told me that my problem was with Dodge and not them but they sure had no problem taking my $42,000 check!! Big Valley Dodge might have been the worst car salesmanship experiance I have ever encountered and Glendale Dodge was not much better. La Brea Chrysler has been the only dealership to deal with me in a competent way and saved me from trading the car.

2007 Dodge Magnum

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