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4.5 out of 5

very happy

2010-02-23 01:08:33

I have the 4.0, 6cyl, awd, with 6 speed auto, so does my bro ... btw, his other cars are a 2010 corvette and a 2005 porshe 911. He rented one and went out and bought it as his family car. great handling, power, and comfort ... same front end as the Mercedes Benz version I believe ... it feels like a smaller car when you drive, yet you have so much room .. Look at it, get in it, and drive it .. you will be able to tell if you like it or not ..

2007 Chrysler Pacifica

Best car bar none I have ever owned!

2009-07-02 11:55:34

I think all the other satisfied owners have just not felt inclined to write. We got the signature series, 19" wheels. My wife drives it every day of the week, and we are both in it every weekend. The car is super quiet, smooth, reliable. I have had no brake, transmission, or other problems. If I were to find fault, it would be blinds spots, but the back up camera helps greatly. I'm young enough still to turn myhead & look. This is such a small complaint in view of the great quality of this vehicle. This car will be in the family for some time to come! Just wish Chrysler hadn't taken away the franchise from Phil Long, the dealer where we bought. They were great too. i can't say more about how we enjoy this car, and so does everyone who rides with us.

2007 Chrysler Pacifica

2007 Chrysler Pacifica completely SHUTS OFF while driving

2009-02-14 20:52:53

2007 CHRYSLER PACIFICA shut off after accelerating on the road, which has happened several times. Very DANGEROUS losing power steering and possibly some brakes while the electrical meters on the dash board stay on. Car starts no problem after parking. Car was exported overseas (Europe) so probably no warranty.

2007 Chrysler Pacifica

Good car/minor problems

2008-11-27 05:52:37

We have had our Pacifica for just over a year now. My wife drives it to and from work everyday. Overall it is a good car but we have already replaced the front brakes and believe it or not the back brakes at around 25,000 miles. The Chrysler brakes are cheaply made so expect to invest in pads and rotors. The car has many blindspots when backing up so be aware. The interior is spacious and great if you have kids. The ride is smooth.

2007 Chrysler Pacifica

Not worth the price

2008-09-27 11:55:09

I have had a Limited for one year. The car has lots of fancy goodies but has a variety of problems, especially transmission. It's been replaced and is still not operating properly. In addition, the ride and handling are not consistent with the "quality" image Chrysler would like to project. This is probably the last Chrysler product I will own.

2007 Chrysler Pacifica

2007 Pacifica

2007-11-02 03:26:03

I just love my Pacifica!!!! I had a Tiburon which I enjoyed but was not practical anymore. I test drove the Pacifica and that's all it took. It's comfy, stylish and very roomy and no road noise. I'm looking forward to a long relasionship with my vehichle. I just look for reasons to drive it because it's so AWESOME and sporty too....Highly recomend it for anyone looking!!!!!!!

2007 Chrysler Pacifica

Best in it's class.

2007-10-09 08:51:16

This car has everything you could ask for for. Good looks, quiet ride, smooth ride, good gas mileage, 4-liter engine with plenty of power. Most fun car I have ever owned.

2007 Chrysler Pacifica

Review of 2007 Chrysler Pacifica

2007-09-24 01:38:00

Turned in an 04 Pacifica which was at the end of the lease. Had been a great car with no problems. After looking around I didn't see any other large crossover that I liked better or was a better purchase value. The new 6 speed trany is great and the larger 4.0 ltr engine acually gets better milage than the old 3.5. I like the 19 inch wheels, the updated styling and the look of the duel exhaust.

2007 Chrysler Pacifica

Oh My Goodness...

2007-09-17 04:40:50

I LOVE this vehicle. This vehicle is a dream to drive. If you take one for a test drive you will definitely purchase this vehicle. It has loads of room, it has superb power and stunning good looks.

I have had my Pacifica for almost 3 months. At the time when I was looking for a vehicle and had no idea what I really wanted. I wanted a truck and then a convertible. I can honestly say had I purchased a vehicle other than my Pacifica I would not be this happy. Everyone who see's this vehicle keep asking what is it and how nice it is.

I would put this vehicle against any vehicle on the road today. You cannot find a better riding car...PERIOD.

The only negative aspect of the car is the gas mileage. With all that power, it will cost you a little at the gas pump. But I don't mind because I absolutely LOVE MY CAR.

If you purchase a 2007 Chrysler Pacifica you too will be very happy with this vehicle.

2007 Chrysler Pacifica

Pacifica Review

2007-09-14 05:49:27

I have had my Pacifica w/a 4.0L v-6 and AWD for 9 months. We have taken a road trip to Florida and one to South Carolina. Overall ride, tightness, lack of

wond noise and comfort were impeccable. The Touring

suspension handled very nicely and gas mileage was

better than expected @ 25.7 highway and 20.1 around

town. Not bad for a new car not even broken-in until

now. Add-ons like U-Connect phone and heated seats

(front and rear) w/lumbar support work very fine.

I would definitely buy another Pacifica when trade-in

time rolls around (especially now that they offer

lifetime drivetrain warranty). Love it !!!!!

2007 Chrysler Pacifica

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