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4.5 out of 5

Review of 2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

2009-12-30 23:41:47

this is a great car the other guy that wrote the bad review what do you want! you got a 6banger not a 8 i have the 2007 SS which is a true american muscle for a full size 2 door family car. you can't compare the SS to a LT 200 hp versus 303 no comparison what so ever. i also had the 2003 monte carlo SS which was a pure embarrassment to the american muscle error. that 2003 was an embarrassment. but the 2007 is a true american muscle and it handles beautiful on the streets and hwy. you have to be a true fanatic to understand the difference between hwy driving and city driving and this 2007 SS has it all together in the right waywhich is what you call true american muscle. it eats all thre imports alive right out of the factory. it's torgue that gives you the hp not the hp like the rice burners. all hp n no torgue out of the block. big big big difference there.

2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

not the greatest from GM

2008-11-15 16:16:24

I had the opportunity to drive this car (as a rental) for over a month. I wanted to know if GM could sway me with a car that I found to be visually unattractive to begin with. As the previous owner of a '72 MC, I wanted to see how far they'd come. Well...my expectations were met in the sense that this wasn't that great of a car. This car screams cheap. I was first mildly impressed with the interior. Seemed well put together and ergo acceptable. Looking at it though..it looks less like a Monte Carlo and more like an Impala coupe. That's sad because the MC's of yesteryear resembled only themselves which was great. Driving it only compounded the disappointments. This car is heavy..very heavy and it's weight makes itself known every time I was on a freeway onramp going around a corner. Even with a V6, stomping on the gas from a stop also made the steering wheel jerk to the right. Chevy could have done more to correct torque steer but on this one, they didn't. I also kept hearing mysterious sounds from the suspension every time I hit a bump. Actually felt like a defective front driver's strut but the car had less than 1,000 miles on it. There are pros...it's not all bad. I drove from Los Angeles to San Francisco and the car seems at home on the freeway. Gas mileage was pretty good for being a big car. Seemed to be a great 70mph cruiser and the seats were decent. Unfortunately, that's about where the good ends.

2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

This car rocks....

2007-12-24 09:55:46

I love this car so much I'm buying another one!!

2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

As good as it looks

2007-08-09 04:02:58

I love my MC! Yes, it really gets 31 mpg, actually 33 if you can resist kicking it down. Wonder why the MC is the only NASCAR racer that actually looks like the 'stock' car? Cause it looks fast and slick just like it is, not a box like the Chrsyler 300 or Charger, or an SUV from the front like the Taurus. Big mistake for Chevy to discontinue for 08 - better get yours while you can!

2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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