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5.0 out of 5

STS vs. Lexus

2009-01-22 19:10:47

When the lease to my 2005 STS was up, I decided to shop around and test drive a Lexus to compare. It took me four test drives winding up with the $72,000 Lexus to get the ride, comfort and amenities of the STS. I then drove a BMW and an Audi and felt every bump in the road. What??? Feeling every bump in the road is not my idea of a luxury car. I confidently ordered myself a 2007 STS, this time a six cylinder with a 100,000 mile warranty - the description above of 50,000 is incorrect. I love this $52,000 automobile although next time, I will again choose the 8 cylinder instead of the 6. The 8 is the quietest auto I have ever experienced. But other than that, they are equal. I feel like I got a bargain with this GM and pray they change their attitude to stay in business. The heated steering wheel heats up in one block and feels awesome to the touch. The remote start is a treat, summer or winter. I feel lucky! My recommendation: Go Northstar!

2007 Cadillac STS

An excellent choice

2007-10-22 02:06:00

I bought a 2007 STS and am extremely happy with it.

Mine has the sport luxury package which makes it handle incredibly well but the ride does suffer a little. My only complaints are the lack of leg room in the back seat and the GPS system. My son and I are both 6'4" and with the front seat back all the way, the person in back is a little scrunched. The GPS system is more complicated and less accurate than my portable Garmin unit. The Caddy's system is good. It's just not excellent. The rest of the car is. I've got 9000 miles on mine without even the smallest problem.

2007 Cadillac STS

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