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2010-10-27 18:02:02

Purchased a 2007 Alpine White 650i with black Convertible top and beige interior in October 2010 with 29K miles. Came out of an 06 530I. This car, without question is a "looker". More than enough power and comfort. Can hear the radio clearly at 80mph with the top down. One thing about the 6 series, you don't see a lot of them. So when you see them, be it hardtop / convertible it always gets stares. Not an everyday driver either, maintenance is $$$ i.e. $2000 to replace the original run flat tires that come with the car. Nevertheless, if your a BMW lover and you could choose any model, this without question, is the one to purchase !

2007 BMW 650

Dream Machine

2008-12-06 00:09:34

This machine is a dream car. I cannot describe it any other way. Unbelievable handling, fast, smooth, excellent options and gets looks and salivating comments everywhere I go.

2007 BMW 650

Review of 2007 BMW 650

2007-08-19 09:35:00

I was a Honda Dealer for 37 years.... now I drive a Bmw 650i coupe. Awesome car, power like a 66 GTO !!!!! Handles unbelievable,

2007 BMW 650

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