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5.0 out of 5

Love my 328xi coupe with red leather seats

2011-05-27 17:16:25

Funny the last reviews said it handles like a dream. I always say that too. I love the way it handles, and it corners like a dream.

2007 BMW 328

proud to drive my beeemmmmeeeerrrrrr

2010-06-18 21:50:34

i am the proud owner of a deep blue (exterior) with a deep bronze tan interior 2door coupe 328xi 07. it is the fourth bmw that i have owned. it is my favorite yet... i find it to be a fantastic car. i absolutely love it. it handles like a dream.

2007 BMW 328


2010-06-13 21:41:26

Long a BMW purchaser, this is our 11th car with the company, and the 3 series is my favorite! Perfect in every way. I will never change car make, this is as good as it gets!!!!!!!

2007 BMW 328


2009-04-27 09:50:46

A BMW had always been my dream car. This year, my husband encouraged, and I bought a CPO 2007 328xi coupe with relatively low mileage. It has both sport and premium packages. I'm not a lead foot, but when driving it, I always want to push to the limit. Driving is a joy in this car, and I absolutely love it - the handling - the acceleration, the de-celeration, the hugging of corners. I have no complaints about the gas mileage. My next car will also be a BMW. If you always wanted a BMW and your pocket can stand the cost, this is a good time to buy one. There are great deals to be found, and you'll love it! Just one little thing though...lots of patience needed to consult the manuals.

2007 BMW 328

Review of 2007 BMW 328

2008-01-18 08:48:17

2007 BMW 328

Review of 2007 BMW 328

2007-11-21 01:29:48

2007 BMW 328

Nice ride

2007-10-17 04:33:02

Just a comment I trade a 2005 645CI for the new 335 sedan, The experience it is incredible I like the way the car drive and feels. BMW did a good job with this 3 series. I'm very happy with the car, Note: BMW is the only manufacture in the indusrty that offer free maintenance. It is a deal 305 HP

2007 BMW 328

Best Care We Have Ever Owned

2007-10-14 10:24:00

I purchased the 328i for my wife in December 2006. BMW has been her dream car for 20 years. I am glad I waited for the 328i. Solid ride. Very fast when you need it. Sleek lines. A lot of fun to drive. We have taken it on a couple of road trips. She loves her new car even though it she has been driving it for 10 months now. The only down fall is the high performance tires. I have had 3 flats in 8000 miles.

2007 BMW 328

Review of 2007 BMW 328

2007-10-11 07:57:29

4dr All-wheel Drive Sedan xi~September~2007~~36-45~South Boston~Massachusetts~City~Average~~~~Benz C and E Class, Infinity, and Volvo~~

2007 BMW 328


2007-09-26 11:26:00

Wow..is the only way to explain my 328xi coupe. I had a 325xi sedan before this and was very disappointed with all the talk about how great Bimmers were it did not impress me at all. HOWEVER, THIS ONE IS ALL THAT AND MORE..The power, the handling, the interior design, the exterior turns heads. NOW THIS THE A RIDE..KEEP IT UP BMW...Just wish I could get a convertible all wheel drive. Not sure why that is not possible.Anyone know the answer to that?


2007 BMW 328

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