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4.5 out of 5

Vw Golf 5 2003. – 2009.

2015-12-20 16:53:50

VW Golf 5 is primarily a practical car, on the model of VW is considered by many to achieve his desire intended for the last generation - the car more classes packed in a small urban hatchback. It's pretty expensive, and as new as used, but is excellent for driving and by many the best among golfov. There were problems with the steering wheel, toothed belt and work FSI engine in our region.http://pmlautomobili.com/2015/06/13/vw-golf-5-2003-2009/

2006 Volkswagen Golf

Good general car

2011-03-15 19:27:10

this is a good general car which is bing bongo fantastic. Great city car for those wanting to move the kids around and do a spot of shopping. Can also fit a dog in the boot area. Has a bit of road noise in it.

2006 Volkswagen Golf

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