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The Rav4 V-6 as a towing vehicle

2007-08-25 12:56:41

I purchased the V6 Rav4 with tow package with the purpose of having it all; a sports SUV with great performance, mileage, looks,the ability to tow a small trailer, and the Toyota reputation. I got all of the above but towing is not as pleasant nor efficient as I had hoped.

With the tow package, the tow maximum is 3,500 pounds. I purchased a small camp trailer that weighs about 2,300 pounds fully loaded. The tow package came with only a 4 pin electrical connection and my camp trailer needed a seven pin for the trailer brakes and backup lights. I had the trailer dealer install the trailer brake setup and it has worked flawlessly.

When not towing, I get 25 to 26 MPG on the highway traveling at 70 MPH. With mty trailer in tow, I get an average of around 15 MPG which was disappointing given that my small trailer is more aerodynamic than the typical box shaped camp trailer.

The five speed automatic gearing requires staying in 4th most of the time while towing. Wind and hills require dropping into third gear occasionally and a very steep long grade, into 2nd gear.

The irony is that the vehicle feels like it is lugging too much most of the time in tow. Yet, when I need to pass, the vehicle has stunning acceleration and I can blow past anyone else while towing.

The downside of pulling at higher than 60 MPH is that the gas mileage drops dramatically. Towing the 2,500 pounds at 60 MPH will typically average around 15 MPG, sometimes up to 17 MPG. However, in mountains with wind, I have gotten as low as 12 MPG while in tow. The fuel tank size is only 15.9 gallons so I stop frequently to fill up while towing.

I hope the vehicle will be reliable while towing over long highway distances I will be traveling. Time will tell.

The vehicle has more buzzes and rattles than my previous Toyotas which has been a disappointment.

Otherwise, the vehicle is a dream to drive for both long and short distance travels.

2006 Toyota RAV4

2006 Renewed faith in RAV4

2007-08-19 10:40:27

We first purchased a 1998 4 cyl. AWD and have been totally pleased with the car, 196,000 current miles. Had a 2003 Tundra, great truck, but poor gas mileage, traded to a 2006 RAV4. We did our homework and got a Limited. It had a towing package, but we had to pay $1000 for the Toyota hitch. This is not right. Anyway, even towing a camp trailer, a U-haul, the rav performed great. We have snow tires that we use in the winter and the handling is superb(Michelin Artic). Can't understand why the JBL stereo system cost so much, we don't hear the superior sound or superior features. Other limited features are well worth it.

2006 Toyota RAV4

Review of 2006 Toyota RAV4

2007-08-11 09:20:00


2006 Toyota RAV4

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