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Review of 2006 Toyota Camry

2007-10-17 11:43:00

2006 Toyota Camry

Review of 2006 Toyota Camry

2007-08-06 03:43:16

2006 Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry LE 2006 [silver, 4 door]

2007-08-05 11:23:56

Without a doubt, the Toyota Camry LE is the *best* car that I have ever had. I purchased it "Executive Driven" with low mileage, squeaky clean exterior and interior: this car rides like being on a pillow!!

I recommend this sexy car to anyone who seeks an automobile that is going to retain its value and over-all sleek look!! The seating is more than ample with an easy to drive "feel" when on the road: not noisy or loud at any level!!

Try out the competition and see for yourself: Toyota Camry is truly the very best when one cares to secure the very best in a mid-sized automobile!! You will discover yourelf "thinking up" reasons to drive the car!! Now, that is the truth of this phenomenal car!!

Also, I am an RN and exceptionally interested in safety and miles per gallon: again, the Toyota Camry LE delivers high quality and admiration from other drivers on the road!! Toyota Camry LE, when a driver wants an automobile that will deliver beauty and quality every day of their lives!!

Happiest Trails....

2006 Toyota Camry

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