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4.5 out of 5

THE Toyota Secret

2008-08-29 10:24:20

I leased my 2006 in Sept. '05. We needed a vehicle which would handle 4 adults reasonably. This was the only vehicle, that was also a convertible, which would do the job. Initially the car was very quiet with the top up and with time and mileage it has become much noisier. So much so that if I am on my cell phone people complain about the background noise. Unlike my previous convertibles the top has remained in fairly good shape and looks to hold up for a long time. Ride comfort is great although a little too soft. Fit and finish is high quality. The dealer applied fake wood trim over the console and some of the door parts. Had I known they were going to do that I would have stopped them. The surface was originally glass-like and is becoming scratched with cleaning which has greatly lessened the beauty. The interior is a beautiful cream-colored leather which requires constant cleaning, particularily if I drive with the top down, but then I knew that would be the case when I choose that color. Since the driver is the primary occupant, that seat requires more attention than any other. It is even staining from my trouser belt. My only real negatives are twofold: Don't bother with the Toyota 60K mile tires. They have soft side-walls and add to the ride softness almost to the point of distraction. Although, replacement at 45K miles was cheap through the dealer compared to local tire stores, they don't last and I was pushing it at 45K miles for replacement. Second, the brakes also don't last long, surprisingly. I do mostly highway driving and had to have the first set replaced at around 30K miles and am about to have to repeat the process. I really didn't think I was that aggressive a driver ! Overall I do like the car and plan to purchase it from the lease company at the end of the lease. If it continues to serve as well as it has been it will be my best vehicle purchase ever, and I have owned a LOT of different makes and models.

2006 Toyota Camry Solara

Solara Convertible

2007-08-06 12:45:43

Of all the Toyotas rated, the Solara Convertible is never mentioned! What a great car, not only in looks, but also in economy, performance and price!We bought the bright red 'ragtop' in January of '06 - one of the coldest months and we never had a problem staying warm because the roof couldn't be any tighter and there are no leaks or drafts. It is truly comfortable riding in it, as both a passenger and a driver. We travel quite a lot and have more than enough room for luggage and all the 'extras' travelors seem to take along!Four adults fit quite comfortably, too. I can't say enough good things about this great Toyota 'secret'! We haven't seen that many along our travels and I can only think that it is not given a lot of advertisement. And that's a shame because it's a terrific car and often, we stop for gas or a meal we have people approach us to ask the make and year and always comment at what a classy car it is. Do yourself a favor and advertise the Toyota Solara.

2006 Toyota Camry Solara

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