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4.0 out of 5

Love It!

2007-10-16 10:48:02

Purchased a 2006 Grand Vitara after owning a 1999 model. Love the interior luxury compared to my old one and to my friend's RAV4. Amazingly roomy inside--both in width and leg room. Good "stiff" ride without feeling too much like a pickup truck. Nice sound system. Excellent vehicle for the money. With today's gas prices I wish it got better gas mileage but it's not too bad. Things missing--visor extensions to help with sun glare, under front seat storage drawers (in the old models). Wish it had more storage in the console. I have the keyless ignition and love, love, love it. Have yet to use the key to start the car!!!! Good quality leather seats and they're holding up well to my two dogs. Both interior and exterior look like an SUV in the $40K range. Handles well, behaves well on slick surfaces with good feeling of stability in curves and turns. I give it an A+ and highly recommend it. I've had only one minor problem in the 15 months I've had it--the wiring of one of the tail lights got pinched and I didn't have tail lights or dash lights. It was easily fixed by the dealer. If you're considering a Grand Vitara do yourself a favor and test drive one. Find out if you love it as much as I love mine!!!!

2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara

My 2006 Grand Vitara

2007-09-09 09:49:00

Thought it was a nice vehicle. Bought new. But the new car has had it's share of problems.

Sensor sticking out of seat - replaced under warranty

Power door lock and power window switches falling down into the door on passenger side? - replaced under warranty. Power window on driver's side quits working for about five minutes, car had to be shut off and then restarted for it to work again, since then no problem - this has not been reported to the dealer as of yet. Synchro on manual trans was defective kept missing second gear when letting out the clutch, replaced under warranty. Now the clutch is doing funny things dealer doesn't know this yet either. I'm so sick of this. All within first 22,000 miles. lemon? Now the driver seat squeeks when going around turns. Pad sensors squeeling on brakes already and not even 25000 miles?

I'm already thinking of dumping the Suzuki. I want nothing to do with Suzuki. Previous car was a 2003 mustang that I bought new as well, the only thing that ever went wrong with it in 120,000 miles of ownership was 1 burned out tail light. Brakes finally wore out at 85,000. I got new car fever and bought this problem ridden SUV. The mustang was a much better car but was getting old and I need a car to get back and forth to work I just didn't feel comfortable holding onto a 4 year old car with 120000 miles and needed new clutch so I made the mistake of trading it in on a lemon SUV. Maybe just bad luck??? usually Japanese cars are quality built??? not this one. My advice, don't buy Suzuki, get a Mustang. Oh another thing, when my Mustang was in the shop for service Ford gave me a car to drive for the day. When the Suzuki was brought in for a week to replace the synchro, not only did they "NOT" give me a car to drive, I practically had to ask them to give me a ride to my house. And then I had to use my moms car to get back and forth to work for the whole week??????

Again, Don't buy Suzuki, buy a Ford Mustang!!!!!!

2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara

Review of 2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara

2007-08-30 09:16:47

Excellent small truck, very good response on road and off road. I will definitly recommend the vintara to anyone.

2006 Suzuki Grand Vitara

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