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Subaru Baja sport

AOL user 2008-12-26 16:33:24

After owning our baja for a full year now we realy enjoy the qulity and econmics of our car. we own the base sport trim line and like the fact that it includs a sunroof and all power and convienence options standard. For the most part it is a comfortable car. Upfrount the seats hold up well on long trips, and Hold you tight in the turns. this is due to the nice bolstring. As for the back it is also comfortable, however some may find the legroom to be a bit underwhelming. all seats are trimed in a nice allweather fabric. as for the moter its 165hp boxter wont win any stoplight races,however it is more then plenty of punch for freeway driving as it is for in town. and at a respectivly 24 to the gallon for all around driving we cant complain. When the road gets bad, as far as in snow or dirt you cant beat the thing for traction thanks to the symetrical all wheel drive, and at a ground clearance mesure of 8inches you need not worry in most cases. overall we are very happy with our baja.

2006 Subaru Baja

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