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5.0 out of 5

Hard to find.

2015-12-20 09:48:25

Don't love it quite as much as I did my first one,an '05, ******* almost the same Bought that first one new, and it had less than 40k miles on it when it got totaled 5 years later. . Heartbreak! I looked at newer models, but was not impressed. Much searching led me to the '06. Too bad it had just under 100k. That was 3 years back. Now its a game to see how far it can go before I have to search for something I can like as well. The copycat Cube & Soul aren't quite as nice either, and Honda discontinued the Element which came closest.

2006 Scion xB

Review of 2006 Scion XB

2008-01-21 07:58:00

2006 Scion XB

Sr.Citizen Oct.14,2007

2007-10-14 10:59:00

I originally bought a Scion xA but the more I saw the xB's the more I wanted one.Traded for an xB & fell in love.It handles great in rain & snow, winding roads,freeways,& town. Vacationed over 800 mi.away this yr & got 40 mpg on the hwy(get 30)in town, was comfortable & the car had no problems the whole trip.I love this car for it's roominess, wakie looks,handling,& performance.It's a small car that feels big when you're inside.

I get lots of questions & compliments from the older generation,& lots of people wanting to see inside.I am never at loss of bragging about all the great things about my xB!I feel about this car like I did my first car (1956 Chevy conv.)35 yrs ago.I don't ever want any other car.I plan to keep this car the rest of my life.

I'm only sorry they aren't making this box-car anymore.I don't care for the new 2008's, they look nothing like the original xB and I think they should be called another name,not xB.I've only seen one around town,but I see lots of xB's.

This is a great car for hauling people,pets,& cargo.I take care of elderly people & they also like this car for the ease of getting in & out,plus wheelchairs go inside easily. The big windows allow good viewing all the way around.The only things I would like added is a map light,sunroof,& weather temperature gauge.

2006 Scion xB

Senior Citizen Review

2007-10-01 09:12:00

I did not know what a Scion was when I went shopping for a Toyota. I kind of "tripped over" a bright charteuse-green one in the middle of the showroom. I fell in love with it, even though I knew that color would never do for me. The clincher though was the rear seat leg room and a price I could afford.

As a senior citizen (65 at the time) I was shocked to learn this car was designed for young people. Then, after I thought about it, I realized that the way this car makes me "feel" is the way I felt when I bought my first car (an original volkswagen bug)more than forty years ago. It really took me back!

I live in New York City and this car is "it!" Young men flirt with me, children squeal when they see me driving my "boxy car", and everybody at my church thinks I am such a great person to drive this car.

Outside the City, on the highway, I am just fine and have no reservations about long road trips. The "ride" is a bit raw and rough, but that just makes me feel that I am driving a REAL car.

By the way, I am going go keep this vehicle until it becomes so classic that I have to get parts from a catalogue. I feel somehow betrayed by the styling of the 2008 model, so I will leave that to others who may enjoy it as much as I enjoy the look and feel of the 2006 model.

I say "Hooray, 2006 XB!"

2006 Scion xB

'06 vs.'08 xB

2007-10-01 07:44:14

I'm sorry to say that my 2006 Scion xB will be my first and last. I am so not in love with the new xB model because I happen to be a fan of the 2006 style and since I get compliments on my boxy 2006 version, I must not be alone in my opinion. In fact, several people who have given me compliments on my 2006 model didn't even realize that there is a new version of the xB available because that's how different it looks. The local Toyota dealer who sold me my 2006 model said that there are a lot of requests coming in for the earlier version and here's a reality check about the new model, I have seen exactly ONE in my town. As always the price is great but I just don't get that warm and fuzzy feeling with the new model, sorry.

2006 Scion xB

Review of 2006 Scion xB

2007-08-05 11:11:00


2006 Scion xB

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