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5.0 out of 5

Great Car

2007-10-11 07:53:00

Rides and handles well.Nice styling and plenty of room (im 6'3").bought it for the wife and she loves it.

asking other vibe owners,they all say the same.

gj Pontiac,its a winner.


2006 Pontiac Vibe

THis Car is the Best

2007-10-10 09:23:08

I bought a 2006 Vibe new in July 2006. Had it two months and was rear ended by a hit and run drive on a major highway. The car went across the grass median, landed on the road going the other way and stopped. I got out, was not hurt and I felt I was lucky to have survived. The entire rear end of the car was demolished. I immediately bought another Vibe and am so happy and satisfied with it. Superb safety, great mileage, no repairs and comfortable to drive on short and long trips. The Vibe is the same car as the Toyota Matrix and is less expensive and has the General Motors warranty and benefits, which Toyota does not have.

I highly recommend this car. It is great.

2006 Pontiac Vibe

On my second one !!

2007-10-07 10:02:01

I am driving my second Vibe and both have been a ball to own and drive. The first one was a great departure from my normal choice. (Firebird conv.)

I decided to try something different. I drove the first one for 2 years with no problems at all and no complaints. My second one (different color) is no different. It is absolutely the most dependable car on the road. The newest one had only a couple of let downs. It seems that GM in cost cutting redesigned the console lid. The first (two-tiered) was lots more useful allowing you to put parking passes, etc. in the top of it where you could grab it quickly. The floor mats are a bit disappointing, there are no clips that hold them in place, although there are holes in the mats for the clips to poke thru. Last but not least, the Roof Rack. First one was standard, this one, only the side rails are standard. Rest of the rack is an option. Why not all or nothing? Will I buy another one ?? If GM doesn't build anything else i have to have (Firebird conv) You bet I will buy a 2008 !!!!!!!1

2006 Pontiac Vibe

love the vibe

2007-09-11 08:17:00

I have owned a vibe for 2 years and I think it was the smartest auto purchase I have made. great gas mileage and still lots of room

2006 Pontiac Vibe

love my vibe

2007-09-04 09:26:30

will be buying a second vibe. love this car. great gas milage, my "little car-truck. have hauled 8 foot and 7 foot counter tops in this car, a bathtub, hauls things you'd never imagine. comfortable holds alot of grandkids. great ride. get so much car for the money.

2006 Pontiac Vibe

A great auto,

2007-08-31 07:59:00

The vibe is the answer to the high cost of gas,

I love ever thing about car, not one problem with

any thing, fun to drive, I will be buying a 2008 in Dec, my 2006 will go to my grand daughter,

2006 Pontiac Vibe

Review of 2006 Pontiac Vibe

2007-08-31 04:21:17

While visiting in FL and driving a Toyota Matrix I absolutely loved the size and versatility it offered. A few months later when our 14 year old car died, I knew exactly what I wanted. The problem was, there was no Matrix's to be found. The dealers did not get many in stock. But I learned that the Pontiac Vibe comes off the same assembly line as the Matrix. The inside is identical and other than a couple of front and rear end differences in their looks you cannot not tell. They also were hard to find - only 2 at the Pontiac dealer at the time. Some things are standard on the Vibe and not on the Matrix and also the other way around. I bought this new in July 2006 and have not regretted this major purchase once. It is easy to spot in a parking lot since the standard roof racks are silver and basically all others out there are black. (Matrix roof racks are optional)It sits higher than your standard 5 passenger vehicle so the view is better. The younger generation in their 20's have commented it is "trendy". I'm glad it's mine.

2006 Pontiac Vibe

Review of 2006 Pontiac Vibe

2007-08-31 03:56:00

One of the easiest cars I have ever driven,have not found anything that I don't like about it.The longer I drive the more I find that if I were to buy again I would definitely look for a Pontiac Vibe.

2006 Pontiac Vibe

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