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Nissan Sentra Spec V 2.5L 6 speed

AOL user 2009-04-07 13:38:17

I read the positive review on this car that speaks to handling issues mostly; but says nothing about the many recalls, engine problems and engine recalls (engine stalls out at slow speed; engine may catch fire; on board computer recalls and reprogramming ; mass air fuel sensor defects; poor assembly (note: car is NOT made in Japan but assembled in the poorer area of Mexico where factory workers complain of exploitation by foreign corp's seeking CHEAP labor); in my car also rotor problems which Nissan blames on Brembo brakes but Brembo says Nissan ofter uses improper application of the brakes to the rotors and then wrongly tries to remedy the problem by cutting the rotors or "turning" the rotors which SHOULD NOT be performed, its just a cheap way to make the brake noise subside or a little way; also ,many other technical service bulletins they do not want to tell the public about but can be researched and obtained by consumers if you research it). Poor gas mileage due to engine defects. Don't believe the Nissan ads about 32 miles per gallon; I get about 18 city MPG and about 25 hwy due to engine defects in the Nissan I say SAY NO TO NISSAN I have posted negative reviews before and received a call from Nissan dealer to stop giving bad reviews, but I will exercise my right to give these reviews anyway.

2006 Nissan Sentra

Best driving small car I have driven.

2007-08-21 10:12:09

I bought a 2006 Sentra SE-R Spec-V with the 6 speed transmission and I love it. Everyone comments on the comfort of the seats and how good the stereo is, and they are right. But if you get behind the wheel you will love the handling, the power, and the gas mileage. It is a great value considering the price and the quality of the engineering you get in the Spec-V.

2006 Nissan Sentra

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