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4.0 out of 5

Review of 2006 Nissan Quest

2009-11-03 09:42:17

The engine seems to have plenty of power, even when gong uphill. Very spacious interior. It literally feels like you are sitting on a Lazy-Boy chair. Also, it is very easy to get in and out of the third and second row seats. Whe the seats are folded, the floor is almost flat, which means that if you needed, you could use this vehicle as a cargo van. The controls are easy to read and manipulate. This is trully a confortable car. Having said that, we bought this vehicle because we thought the quality of Nissan cars was amongst the best. And to be fair, when the vehicle was still under the 36K warranty it almost seemed the be ok. There were the ocassional faults, that if taken care of early the vehicle I would have had a better experience. The problem was that everytme that I took the vehicle in for repairs, the service person (Nissan dealership) would always come up with excuses of why not to repair the fault. Therefore, after having owned this minivan for almost five years, I can honestly say that I was wrong to assume that Nissan is a good brand. Here are a few of the details. I had to replace the rotors three weeks after the warranty had expired, along with the oxigen sensor. The battery went dead soon after. The weatherstripping comes off almost every day. The driver's side sunvisor keeps falling off. In fact, almost every accessory comes off very easy. I guess that means that the interior is really fragile. Seems like they used the cheapest components they could find. It also appears as there are thousands of design errors.

2006 Nissan Quest

Love my Quest!

2008-09-24 22:28:43

I have owned my quest for a couple of years now and I totally love it! I did my research and tested out all the other major models. By far the quest had every thing my family wanted.(cupholders, which sound trivial, but when you travel with 6 people..., large seats, great cargo room) We use it around town, to carpool, and on long trips. Gas milage is what is to be expected for a vehicle of this size. It is very sturdy ( I carpool with many teenagers on a daily basis!), it is also very comfortable. Just about every one that has driven with me is impressed as well. It also has a very cool interior, which gets everyones attention. I've had no problems!

2006 Nissan Quest

Awesome...Most comfortable vehicle I have ever owned!!!

2008-09-21 12:47:24

I have owned the Nissan Quest for several years now and everyone that rides in it (young and old) LOVE IT!!! It is the most comfortable vehicle I have ever driven, and this is my 5th mini-van and first Nissan Quest, and it far out rates the others. I have taken long trips in it and even thoughs rough mountain terrain, and it handled like a dream. It is economical on gas, and it drives very safe and easy. The seats are different than any other I have owned or have rode in and the design of them is what is so comfortable and enjoyable to sit in, be it a short or longer distance. I would recommend the AWESOME vehicle to everyone! (young and old) And..you can carry so much in this van, if you put all of the back seats down it is like a huge moving van! I have put a 7 foot couch in the back and was able to close the back door. It was amazing!!!

2006 Nissan Quest

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