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2.5 out of 5

Transmission Problems......and parking?

2009-01-13 17:18:46

I bought this truck, used @ 40,000 mi. It seems when you come to a stop, it slams or bounces. Even when you creep to a stop. And when you accelerate, it hesitates, jerks, hesitates again, then goes. I took it to the dealer, and they couldnt find anything wrong with the trans, (the computer cant find anything either..of course) but they said it was the throttle cable. After they fixed that it was worse then before. I keep getting dicked around by them like they dont want to fix it because they know its @#$%*&! And here's a nice picture for you.... Its Christmas Eve and Im at menards, I park the car, lock it with the remote, and walk to the door. Then i hear..click,click,click,click,click,click....I turn around and its rolling backward! BAM!! it hits a another SUV and my bumper gets cracked and the rubber guard and metal strip that says "mercury" are bent and wrecked. The other car had no damage. You cant take the key out unless its in PARK. I will never buy a FORD again!!!

2006 Mercury Mountaineer

More transmission problems

2008-09-22 21:37:01

I too have experienced problems with the transmission. At 35,000, I experienced the most bizzare thing ever in my 35 years driving. While it was raining, I came to a stop sign and when I went to accelerate, nothing happened. No power to the transmission and the idiot lights came on indicating there was a problem. Thus the name "idiot lights". After shifting the tranny amoung the gears, the car finally was moving at 2 mph. I contacted the dealer that I leased the car from, Country Lincoln, in Huntington, NY, who was useless. I had the car towed to another local dealer who at least attempted to help. They kept the car for twodays without finding anything mechanically wrong and claimed that the computer did not register the problem. After that incident I has experienced frequent feelings that when coming to a stop on the highway, the car would jerk before coming to a complete stop. I guess that after all of these years FORD still stands for "Fixed Or Repaired Daily". My saving grace is that I leased this and Ford will be getting their problem back. Unfortunately, I planned on giving this car to one of my kids. No way now. I guess I will look to GM or go back to the Japanese makes. Keep away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2006 Mercury Mountaineer


2008-08-15 13:06:35

I just want to say that I had trouble with the transmission. If you didn't make a "full" stop and sit a minute, the tranny would hit into gear. It felt like you were getting hit from behind. Upon take off - it would almost lose all power and all of a sudden your head would jolt back and it would take off. I also had a leak coming out of the domelight (the ************ AND the buttons on each side)and when you would make a turn, it would "pour" out of either button depending on which way you turned. Now it leaks on both sides where the sunvisor screws in. I'm surprised my payments do not include charges for a built-in swimming pool. The dealer claimed it was a TSB (tech service bulletin) for the drain tubes (they weren't long enough)(that was after the third time back for the same problem-when they claim they fixed it by putting in longer drain tubes). Well, I still have the same problem and now the vehicle stinks like rotten eggs when I turn on the heat or a/c. The other day, I noticed there was water dripping on the passanger side, right side of the glove compartment. I've had it with this truck. I'm glad it is a lease and I get to return it within 2 more months. Yes, I am turning in early just to get rid of it. I HATE THIS VEHICLE!!!!!

2006 Mercury Mountaineer


2007-10-05 06:38:04

After about 4000 miles the 6 speed transmission in this V8 AWD Mountaineer began slipping and hesitating. Then around 8000 miles the tranmission would slam into 1st gear when slowing to a stop. It would slam so hard it felt like I was being hit from behind. The dealer has tried to fix this problem now for the past 13,000 miles, but Ford Motor Company has yet found a "fix" that will work. Now the vehicle will shift abrutly from 1st to 2nd gear when starting up from a stop. This harsh shifting does not happen every time, but when it does it is very annoying. Ford Motor Company refuses to stand by their product and will not even replace the vehicle if they can not find a solution, even though the problem began before the Lemon Law expired. I know many other owners of this particular model are having the same problem with no solutions. If it wasn't for the transmission the Mountaineer is a very nice SUV, which many great features. I'd buy another if it wasn't for the transmission or the way Ford refuses to back its product. Stay clear of this model until the problem is fixed.

2006 Mercury Mountaineer

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