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5.0 out of 5

Love this car

2009-02-14 13:50:02

This vehicle is amazing. to refer to it simply as a car is a *********** a luxury vehicle. It has such a classy look, The leather interior is of excellent quality nothing like the fake looking leather in today's poorly made over-priced cars. This is my first mercedes and God willing,My next one will also be a mercedes.The service you receive is amazing. My front headlight went out and it was replaced for free. Mercedes is about keeping you as a lifelong customer in it shows in there service. This luxury yet sporty vehicle is a must have. I feel like royalty in this car. It can make even frankstein look like a model.And Iam good looking so imagine how fabulous I look when driving down the street :)

2006 Mercedes-Benz R-Class


2009-01-19 12:24:30

We bought this care used... my wife loved her Xtype Jag and her Odyssey, I hated the maintenance on two vehicles... so this was the compromise... But, what a surprise... we took a trip, warm temps were -20 and BELOW on the Canadian Border... ice, snow, blizzard conditions... this car is the most sure-footed vehicle we have ever been in. FWD and AWD Cars, SUV, 4 wheel drive trucks... none compare to the handling, safety and driveability in bad weather...and I have driven most brands/styles. Comfort, safety... as roomy as a limo for passengers, quiet, ... this is a GREAT car and a great value. Gets as good as mileage as our daughters mini SUV!

2006 Mercedes-Benz R-Class

love my car

2008-12-06 22:45:03

I got mine used and I love it. Great car for tall family, both sitting in front and back seats (lots of leg/head room). Sat 6 adults very comfortably. Rides nice. Would like better gas mileage and is a bit hard to see front of hood when turning into a parking space (has long/low hood). A hood ornament would help in that area. Very stylish. Have had problems with rear gate closing automatically each and every time. I like it as much as I liked my Cad SRX and a lot more than I liked my Lexus RX350.

2006 Mercedes-Benz R-Class

we Absolutely LOVE this car!

2008-07-29 23:38:19

We have been thrilled with this car! Other than an electrical issue which the dealer cured completely, it has been virtually trouble free. We have driven this car across the USA with no issues. The 500 engine is very powerful, but despite this, I get a highway mpg range of 19-22mpg, and I tend to drive.. well.. aggressively. Not bad for a car of it's size. City driving is another story, but still much better than my friends with Yukons & Suburbans. Despite it's size it handles quite nicely and is pretty easy to park, especially with the beeper thingys that warn you of how close you are to the car parked in front or back, this is a very useful option, and I miss them when I get into a car without.Fold down the 3rd seat set and the car can carry massive amounts of "stuff", this is stellar, as we do take lots of road trips. The build quality seems great and a walk around of the car shows no uneven gaps in any of the seams. The interior is still amazingly comfortable and perfect, showing minimal wear after 40,000 miles. Oil change intervals are at 10,000. This is hard to get used to, as I have always been a 3000 mile change guy. My wife is used to getting a new car each 2-3 years, but we have looked and there is no reason to consider this,as this one is still perfect, and there is no more 500 engines available, nor is there anything out there that compares to this car's comfort and drivability. As a matter of fact, the car is scheduled to get new brakes tomorrow...the first time I have EVER gotten 40,000 miles out of a set of brakes. Yes, I know that it takes premium gas and I hate that, but the car is so comfortable and so safe that I just deal with the extra costs. I could not imagine owning anything else out there in it's class! I understand that these cars have been somewhat overlooked by the buyers, and that they can now be gotten for some very good pricing. Check it out!

2006 Mercedes-Benz R-Class


2008-06-27 08:50:13

I absolutely LOVE my R class! It is stylish, comfortable and very safe. I had a an accident in this car and it saved our lives. The other car (1994 Bronco, I believe) was in bad shape. My car kept me and my baby safe and sound. I am about to finish my lease and sign up for another R. I can't wait!

2006 Mercedes-Benz R-Class

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